Book Review: Ghost Hunter by Jayne Castle

Elly St. Clair has had it with men. It is bad enough she is engaged to a Guild boss when all she wanted was a librarian. However, when she discovers her fiance Cooper Boone fought a ghost duel with a former date she goes ballistic and ends their engagement.

Cooper Boone is not your average Ghost Hunter or Guild boss for that matter. Unlike most of his contemporaries he was not raised with a fine family tradition in the Guilds, but rather by two history professors, so he is something of an anomaly. When Elly walks into the Guild library one afternoon looking for her father he is instantly attracted to her and does everything he can including asking her father for his permission to pursue a covenant marriage in order to keep her.

After Elly breaks their engagement and moves to Cadence City, Cooper figures he will just wait it out. Both he and her family decide that once she sees how hard it is to get along on her own in the big city she will return home and Cooper will be able to convince her to reinstate their engagement. The only thing is Elly thrives in Cadence City. She opens her own botanical business and begins settling into city life. When one of her friends goes missing in the alien ruins beneath Cadence City she calls on Cooper for help. Cooper is in Cadence City to both check on Elly and for a “Guild matter.” When both the disappearance of Elly’s friend and Cooper’s Guild business collide they team up to solve a series of drug related crimes. In the process Cooper begins to realize he had read Elly wrong from the start.

I love Jayne Castle’s paranormal romances! Set on the colony planet of Harmony, her world building is incredible. The characters are realistic and well drawn as well as being easy to relate to. I also enjoy how she leaves a little mystery in the books in this series, so that you want to come back and read them over and over to see if you can figure it out. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy paranormal romances with a twist!

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