Represenation for the Poor by the Rich

Political promises have never meant a lot but today we are at the point where they are so obviously outright lies that it is an insult to the average persons intelligence. Ask yourself why would someone with millions or billions of dollars want to represent you. Also ask yourself how someone with this much money can possible understand your situation. When was the last time you listened to someone running for a political office that in any way could relate to your problems on your level? When it’s time to work on your vote all the rich politicians come out of the woodwork trying to act like just plain folks. I get really tired of hearing about how they all want to do something for the working people and how they can relate to their problems because they come from working class families. Why all the B.S.? The only time these people think about the rest of us is when they need our votes. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a politician running for office that really did come from a poor or lower class with a grasp of what it’s like to do an honest days work. What ever happened to the old promise that anyone could grow up to be President of The United States? Does anyone really believe that it would be possible for someone from a lower economic background to have a chance to even get on a ballot? The dream is gone because it was sold a long time ago and unless the American people get together and figure out how to put someone in office that has their best interests at heart it’s going to stay gone. You don’t win an election today, you amass enough financial resources to buy the necessary air time to convince the voting public that you are the one that is going to change things for the better. Ever wonder what happened to all the promises that you hear when the election is over? How come both parties are always batting around a plan to help people with prescriptions, and other medical needs? The obvious reason is that neither party is planning on doing anything about it, because they would have a hard time getting campaign money from the drug companies if they did. The sad and unfortunate fact is that things are not going to get better unless we the voting public get together and make changes. We need to let our so called elected officials know that if they don’t live up to their promises that we will get rid of them. We need to get together and back some people that really do come from where we come from that can understand what our needs really are. Why should we be represented by rich people that have no understanding of our situation? Why do we keep going along with programs that waste our tax money and our future? Isn’t it about time to make some changes to the system before the system takes away all our freedom and most of our money?

The powers that be are counting on us not being able to stick together long enough to make the changes we need to make, and the sad truth is, so far they have been right.

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