Book Review: Guerrilla Marketing for Writers

Excellent organization, and a wide variety of useful marketing tips for freelance and creative writers, make Guerrilla Marketing for Writers a must-own book for anyone serious about their writing. It’s hard enough for writers to “make it” in the publishing industry, but now they’re fortunate enough to have an entire arsenal of tactics laid out for them and on their side.

The only drawback with Guerrilla Marketing for Writers is that, because there are so many guerrilla marketing tactics discussed, there sometimes feels as though otherwise useful details had to be sacrificed. However, the fact that this book provides tips useful to writers of all types, and since you’re sure to find something that will work for you, the quantity in this case definitely makes up for any feared loss of quality. Enough information is given that you could easily learn more about any of these guerrilla marketing tactics on your own.


Here are some of my favorite parts of Guerrilla Marketing for Writers:

1. As odd as it may sound, my absolute favorite part of this book is the table of contents. It’s organized so well, laying every tip out for you up front, that you can keep going back again and again to the information you want without having to search through the book.

2. Too often, books about selling or marketing your writing tell you want to do with your book, articles or other work, but they don’t tell you what to do with the writer inside of you. Guerrilla Marketing for Writers is a welcome change to that, with a strong focus on building your professionalism, enthusiasm and other skills and feelings that are so vital to being a successful writer.
3. The author questionnaire, offered at the end of the book, is an outstanding tool for helping you prepare your book publicity plan, and giving you an idea of what you can expect to be asked in media interviews.

About the Book

From the publisher: “The battle begins before your book even hits the shelves, and you need every weapon to get ahead of the competition. Guerrilla Marketing for Writers puts an entire arsenal at your disposal. Packed with proven insights and advice, it details 100 “classified secrets” that will help you to sell your work before and after it’s published. This wide range of weapons – practical low-cost and no-cost marketing techniques – will help you design a powerful strategy for strengthening your proposals, promoting your books and maximizing your sales.”

Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books

Publisher’s Web

Date: 2001

Length: 292 pp.

Sample of Topics Covered:
Why freelance and creative writers need guerrilla marketing.
Promotion plans and budgets
Radio, TV, and print interviews
Book signings
Managing a writer’s identity
Online booksellers
A sample media kit

About the Authors

From the Publisher: – “Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of guerrilla marketing, has sold more than one million guerrilla marketing books since 1984. Rick Frishman is the president of Planned Television Arts, one of the top publicity firms in the book publishing industry. Michael Larsen is a successful literary agent and the author of Literary Agents and How to Write a Book Proposal.”

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