Book Your New York City Theater Trip for Less

New Yorkers seem to have all the luck at seeing shows for under listed ticket prices. How can a visitor to the city get in on the fun without spending a bundle? In the past, travelers may have been limited to purchasing day-of tickets at the famous TKTS booth.

If you prefer to plan in advance, you now have multiple ticket options thanks to the internet. There are limitations (i.e., some codes are only available for a few weeks or for a limited time in advance), but here are some of the best ways to secure an advance purchase theater ticket at a discount. These discount codes are readily available, but only cover a certain selection of seats – you may be sitting at the back of the orchestra or in the balcony, but at least you see the show! Additionally, there are a limited number of tickets sold under each code listing. This varies by production. Please note that some sites require you to register with an e-mail address, but none of those listed below charge fees to access the codes and get your tickets.

Most Reliable Source

In addition to giving to-the-minute updates on what is happening on and off the Great White Way, has introduced the Playbill Club. By registering, club members have access to discount codes for both Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Coded tickets may be purchased by calling the listed ticketing agent, visiting a listed website (such as or by printing the page and bringing it to the theater box office. Addresses are listed on the webpage.

Most Broadway Discounts doesn’t require registration and offers tickets for New York (Broadway, Off-Broadway and Special Event), London and Las Vegas shows. Just about every code that is released winds up on BroadwayBox at some point, but don’t get too excited. Tickets run out quickly and big sellers may have codes listed that long ago sold out. As with, codes may be used over the phone, on a website or at the box office (you are required to print out the offer if you purchase at the box office). All contact information is listed.

Recently, this site has begun listing codes for discounts on premium seats for sold-out Broadway shows (premium tickets are often listed at 50-100% over original ticket price).

Largest Variety of General Theater goes beyond the other two sites by listing codes for Broadway, Off-Broadway AND Off-off-Broadway shows. Codes are revealed to all registered members. Tickets are only available through the internet (the link is just a click-away on each show’s Theatermania page) or by phone.

Day-of Discounts
Theatre Development Fund TKTS Booths

Don’t get me wrong – this is a fantastic way to see a show for 25-50% off. Just remember that the booths (one in Times Square, temporarily located at the Marriott Marquis – 1535 Broadway at 46th Street; one at the South Street Seaport on the corner of Front & John Streets) are CASH only. The Times Square booth sells tickets day-of only for both matinee and evening shows. Lines open at 3pm for evening tickets, 10am for 2pm matinees and 11am for 3pm matinees. The South Street Seaport location sells tickets for evening performances day-of and one day in advance only for matinee performances. The Seaport booth is open Monday – Saturday from 11am-6pm and Sunday from 11am-4pm. TIP: The Seaport location is a great choice for nabbing a hot ticket! To see what productions have been listed “on the boards” in the past week, visit

Two things to keep in mind when using codes – buying the ticket over the internet or by phone may incur a handling fee and many, if not all, discounted tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. Be sure that you will be able to attend the performance before clicking the final BUY button. If you visit TKTS, come with a couple of shows in mind – it is important to be flexible on show choice here as you cannot predict what will be available. Regardless of how you choose to buy your theater tickets, remember that live theater does not come cheap. Make your next theater trip to New York a discounted one and enjoy the show(s)!

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