Boost Sales with Numerous Payment Options

Some mom and pop shops don’t take credit cards as an option for payment from customers. Companies who don’t take credit cards are actually losing sales instead of making sales despite having to pay a low percentage per transaction each time a customer uses a credit card. This article will give you some tips to help your business boost sales.

1. You need to accept credit cards. People will often spend more money on a credit card than they usually would in cash. You will generate even more sales for your company if you accept every type of credit card as payment including American express. American express may cost more per transaction for each customer that you have, but it is worth it on a long term basis.

2. You need to have a lay a way program available to customers. People are more likely to purchase items if they can pay for the item with just three payments for about 3 months. They will often purchase more items since they can just make payments. One thing about expensive items such as furniture is to offer free delivery of the item too.

3. You can get more sales by offering credit accounts to other companies and individuals. They are will be more likely to come back to your company for more services or items since they can get a credit account at your company. Make sure to do a credit check before giving someone an credit account at your company.

4. Make sure to accept checks. People still use checks and most of them won’t bounce. Make sure to put the customer drivers license number and expiration date on the top of each check. Most people will offer to pay to with a debit check card if you decide to not accept checks from customers.

5. Make sure that customers can place orders for items or service over the telephone. You want to be able to receive a customers credit card information via telephone due to being able to save the customer time. Keep in mind that even if you have a business website that some customers will want to send in a order form with their credit card information or even call your business to place an order instead of online.

If you offer credit accounts and have a great lay a way program then you will generate more sales and get returning customers. Keep in mind that people who use credit cards to buy expensive merchandise will often spend more on a credit card than they would of when paying cash. You can always talk the customer into spending more money on a credit card since they figure they just have to pay the minimum payment each month.

Another way to boost sales is to have a business website so people can purchase services or items almost 24 hours 7 days since your website will be open for sales every day. You will get returning customers to your website if your offer a way for them to be able to make payments on their credit accounts or lay a way program easily online.

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