Developing Your 30-Second Ad

Whenever you network and spread the word about what you do, say it in 30 seconds. Do you have something planned to say? Or, are you missing the opportunity? Having a prepared condensed statement (a 30-second advertisement) about who you are, what you do, and what you offer is essential for your business success.

There are specific items to include in your 30-second advertisement. They include the following:

1) Your business. What field are you involved in? What do you do?

2) Your clientele. What type of clients do you work with? This is whatever the main category of your clients fall under. For instance, architects, medical offices, legal offices, etc.

a. Here are some samples of how to mention your clientele:
1) You operate an accounting firm. They would have a diverse industry clientele. However, it would mainly consist of businesses. Therefore, your clientele would be anyone with a business.

2) You sell medical supplies. Your clientele would be the medical field. You would sell to medical offices, doctors, clinics, etc.

3) Your product or service offered. You offer office supplies or accounting services, state it in your 30-second advertisement. This is what your business is based on. If you offer specialized products, state it.

4) Your solutions. What problems do you solve for your clients? What benefits do you provide your clients with? What is it that makes your clients know they can turn to you for answers?

a. Here are some samples in the area of problem solving and benefits:
1) You help your clients with their payroll outsourcing. It frees them up to be involved in other areas.

2) You help your clients increase their productivity by designing an ergonomic work environment. It increases employee morale.

Whatever it is, be certain to clearly state the problem faced by your clients during your 30-second advertisement. Follow this statement with how your clients will benefit from your services and/or products.

5) Your differentiation. How are you different than your competitors? By knowing this, you will ease the way for preparing your mission statement, business plan, and analysis of your competition. You need to have something that stands you out from your competition. If you say “customer service”, why? Everyone says their customer services makes him or her different from the rest. Be specific in your reasoning. If you can state specifically why your customer service excels, you will stand out in others minds. Stating your differentiation during your 30-second advertisement will have others notice you.

a. Here are some samples for you to differentiate your customer service from your competition during your 30-second advertisement:
1) If you run an online business, you offer live customer service help. Not many of your competitors would do that.

2) If you have a timeline for customer service, state it. You guarantee 24-hour turnaround. Be sure to stand by whatever guarantee you state, of course.

3) If your customer service is specifically trained in an area, state it.

b. If you differ from your competition based on your available products, state it. For instance, you make a time-saving widget that is the only one of its kind on the marketplace. State it during your 30-second advertisement.

However you feel your business offerings differ from your competition, be specific. State it. Others will not know unless you tell them. Do not be modest.

6) Your closing statement. This is a one sentence blurb about how you would like to help others with their needs. Also ask for referrals during this part of your 30-second advertisement.

7) Thank your audience. Others like to know your appreciate their time. State it.

Here is a sample of a 30-second advertisement:

“Hi, my name is Mary Smith, I am the owner of Bone Clinic (your business) located in City. We work with the medical community (your clientele) by being their local source of medical supplies (your product or service). Our clients can turn to us for all their medical supplies needs (your solution). We are the only business in the area supplying medical items (differentiation). We look forward to doing business with you. If you, or anyone you know needs medical supplies, we are here (your closing statement). Thank you.”

Be prepared with your 30-second advertisement. You never know when you will need it. You will be the better for it.

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