Bouquet Flower Ideas for Your Wedding

Chances are you will purchase more flowers for your wedding than at any other time in your life. Everything from the wedding bouquet to the centerpieces at the reception must match and follow you weddings theme. Things like the type of wedding dress you pick out, the time of year the wedding is held and the colors of your wedding will have an effect on your wedding flowers. Bouquet flowers ideas for your wedding may very well depend on the flowers that are native to where you live.

When you think of Las Vegas most people think of quicky weddings in some little chapel in a casino, this isn’t necessarily true. Wether it’s a quicky wedding or a full blown affair using local florists and local flowers can save you some money. There are some wonderful flowers native to Las Vegas that would make perfect wedding flowers . Yellow Alstemeria, blue Larkspur and Solidaster are just a few of the native Las Vegas wedding flowers.

Vegas isn’t the only place to get married how about San Francisco. There are lots of San Francisco wedding flowers like the yellow Mariposa lily and the San Francisco wallflower. San Francisco isn’t the only place in California to get married how about Los Angeles, San Diego, or Sacramento. Los Angeles wedding flowers are easy to find. Flowers like the Azalea flowered Dipleaus, Slender spider monkey, and the Mills Glory lilac are all wonderful Los Angeles wedding flowers. San Diego also has a wonder assortment of wedding flowers. San Diego wedding flowers can include such flowers as white sage, a seaside daisy or a ghostly red. Sacramento is where you will find an abundance of lilies. The purple storm day lily, fairyland fantasy lily, and the mauve decade lily are just a few of the wedding flowers Sacramento has to offer.

Utah and Vermont are a little off the beaten path as far as weddings go but both have some amazing wedding flowers. Utah wedding flowers include blue flax and Indian paintbrush, combine these two and you have an amazing array of color and uniqueness. Vermont is not a place you would expect to find lilies but the anneke calla lily and gloriosa lily are two of the native Vermont wedding flowers.

The United States is not the only place to find beautiful wedding flowers. Travel just a little north to Canada and you will find some amazing wedding flowers. Canadian wedding flowers range from yellow lady slipper orchids to Canadian western violets. Each section of Canada has it’s own special wedding flowers. Montreal wedding flowers can consist of such native flowers as pink wintergreen and buttercups while Ottawa wedding flowers might look like something out of Texas with it’s bluebells and prickly roses.

No matter where your wedding checking out the native flowers can help give you some bouquet flower ideas for your wedding.

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