Island Wedding Packages for the Perfect Tropical Ceremony

The perfect wedding is the dream of every little girl in the world. Fantasies lead them to daydreaming of saying their “I do’s” on a tropical island with the breeze gently blowing their cascading hair and the ocean as the most beautiful setting in the world. Many times tropical ceremonies are forgone for the traditional church wedding due to budget, time, travel accommodations and attendance of friends and families. Money is often spent on unnecessary decorations trying to compensate for the fantasy they are secretly wishing was a reality.

Fantasies can be fulfilled on the Island of Vanuatu. There are many resorts and locations willing to accommodate the bride and groom on their special day. Some resorts even have wedding coordinators available to make sure that every detail is taken care of.

The Erakor Island resort can fulfill the tropical themed wedding. With their historical open air chapel or the beaches scattered across the island brides and grooms will be left in awe of the most romantic day of their lives. Weddings can also include songs performed by the native children’s choir and/or the traditional Melanesian String Band. Brides can arrive in their own canoe lined with tropical flowers for that extra special effect. Erakor Island Resort, a secluded sixteen acre island, located in the sparkling clear blue cove of the Erakor Lagoon.

Only minutes from Port Vila accessed by a ferry, complimentary by Erakor Jetty. Up to 130 guests can be arranged. The resort has 21 waterfront bungalow with a spectacular backdrop of palm trees and the sound effects of ocean rising and falling against the shoreline. There are no modern forms of communication including television to assure the utmost in relaxation. Natural balconies allow for a breathtaking view to awake to each morning of your honeymoon. It is the perfect combination of seclusion without feeling isolated completely from
the world you left behind.

Guests have access to a full scope of amenities including water sports such as glass bottom paddle skis, catamarans, snorkeling gear and outrigger canoes. There are tour desks, volleyball courts and boardgames available as well. Child care providers can be arranged while the adults partake in activities of enjoyment. Walking paths through the lush tropical rainforest and gardens containing historical sites are available for guests to enjoy. For the extra bit of flare couples and guests can enjoy a glass of champagne as the sunsets on the beach.
There is also a day spa service to work out the kinks of the day or just to pamper the guests with the best of care.

The Iririki Island resort is another of the tropical resorts offering wedding packages. Children under twelve are not allowed in order to provide for the most romantic of getaways, any couple can enjoy the peaceful serenity found within this island. If you have envisioned a wedding in a tropical setting, perhaps the tropical gardens would be a good location. Imagine exchanging your pledge to your lifemate under an arch of ferns and exotic flowers, or perhaps the beach as the backdrop. Officials, wedding certificates, serenaders, flowers, receptions and all
of the most memorable day of your life can be arranged to ensure that the day is the way that you have always imagined it would be. Iririki Island is also equipped with the Watersports Centre. Sailboards, kayaking, jet skis, snorkeling, scuba diving as well as many other activities are available. You are welcome to explore the island on the designated walking track. Wedding Coordinators are also available to help outline the most perfect of days for the bride and groom.

The cost is reasonable for each place if you take into account that most of the wedding essentials are provided in the wedding packages available for ceremonies and the fact that you could very well be located at your honeymoon destination as well. The memories and happiness the couple will have are priceless. Marriage is a day to day battle of give and take, compromise, understanding and learning to say “Yes dear, Your right”…shouldn’t your marriage start of in paradise as preparation for the walk through life together.

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