Breaking the Window

His heart froze. The demon looked at him with red eyes and growled, signaling an attack. The man jittered off the icy sidewalk onto the street.

“Tony, the dog’s on a leash.” The woman’s words comforted Tony as he escaped a confrontation with a St. Bernard.

Tony said, “Are you going to the Halloween party tomorrow?”

“Why would I waste an hour more than I have to at Trexo?”

“Good point, Margaret,” responded Tony. “I wonder when will I move up. This is not the kind of job I envisioned in high school. I wanna actually enjoy my job.”

They came up to a sign reading: “Big Joe’s Sports Bar”. It was the only place to get burgers and hot dogs within a few blocks from Trexo Toy Store. Margaret opened the door for Tony, always looking out for her best friend. They each sat down and ordered a soda and a hot dog, their usual 12:00 meal. Big Joe made some tasty hot dogs, so they found themselves frequently visiting the bar. A well-dressed man entered the bar, and sat beside Margaret. The man ordered a beer and reached for his pocket. He pulled out a wad of 100s to pay, and he left Big Joe a treat in the tip jar. “It’s getting late,” worried Tony and asked Margaret the time.

“I forgot my watch at home.” Margaret tapped the man on the shoulder. “Excuse me sir, do you know what time it is?” He looked at his gold Rollex watch and told her it was 12:20. The man looked awfully familiar to Tony, but how would he know a rich man like him? Tony said, “I have to use the men’s room…Don’t lay a finger on my fries.”

Tony went to the bathroom and stepped on yesterday’s newspaper. He looked at the front where a headline read: “Albert Zafinsky escapes police again.” Albert Zafinsky was wanted in 3 states for murder and armed robbery. He realized one of the most dangerous killers was sitting right next to his best friend. He suddenly felt a cold chill move up his back.

“What can I do? Should I call the police? I’ll just get Margaret out there,” he thought. Tony took three deep breaths and opened the door. Margaret was missing and so was the murderer. He asked Big Joe about Margaret’s whereabouts.

“She went outside with that man sitting here.”

Tony started to panic. He went out the back door and started to run away. He encountered the dog again, who broke his leash. It charged at him, and before Tony could pass out from fear, the dog licked his shoe. “I can’t leave her there,” he thought, “and the police won’t get there in time.” Tony was going to take a hold of his actions. He turned around and noticed a baseball bat against an alley wall. He picked it up and charged towards the bar.

His fists cut through air as he sprinted to the bar at light-speed. He turned around the corner and then stopped. The murderer was sitting in the front seat of a car. Margaret’s dead body was sticking out from under the car; she was probably run over. Tony raised the baseball bat and cried, “You monster!” He swung with all his might and massacred the window. It exploded into a million pieces and fell forward into the car. Margaret got up and yelled, “What the hell, Tony!” Margaret was alive.

Tony blurted out, “Margaret run, that’s Albert Zafinsky, the murderer.”

“I’m no murderer; my name is Bruce Macilla,” the man retorted in defense.

Margaret said, “Tony, this is Bruce. He needed help replacing a tire. He used to work for my boss.” Tony looked closer. It wasn’t the murderer after all.

Bruce said, “That’s a powerful swing you have there. How’d you like to work for me?” Tony expected a fight, but got a job offer.

“What do you do?” Tony asked.

“I work for United Airlines. I’m looking for a guy with your build to move luggage around.” Tony was surprised.

“I’d love to do that!” he exclaimed.

“That’s great,” Bruce said. “Could you put the bat down now?”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that,” Tony replied. “Could u give Margaret a job too? She may not be as strong as me, but she knows how to fix things.”

“We’ll see what you guys can do. Now about my window…”

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