Breastfeeding in Public

Babies have to eat. That’s a rule of nature. Whether they are bottle fed or breastfed, babies will eventually have to eat while Mom and baby are out and on the go. How does a non-exhibitionist mom feed her nursing infant without sharing too much of herself with innocent bystanders? It can be done – with some planning and strategy.

To start with, the clothes Mom wears can make a difference between feeding without showing skin or baring all to the public at large. Nursing clothes are available in a variety of styles. Nursing flaps make public feeding a bit more discreet and go a long way toward curtailing embarrassment.

When not wearing shirts sewn with nursing flaps and openings, wear shirts that are loose and easily lifted from the hem. Better yet, loose button-up blouses can be unbuttoned from the hem upward when it is feeding time and still keep Mom’s modesty intact.

My personal favorite trick has always been a nursing shawl or blanket. These can be purchased or homemade. To make one – find a lightweight, cotton baby blanket. The blanket needs to be large enough to drape across one shoulder and fasten over the other shoulder while allowing baby plenty of room for feeding. Sew snaps or hook and loop tape on two corners.

The nursing shawl can be used as a light covering for baby and also as a privacy shield during breastfeeding. Most Moms feel as though they must isolate themselves in a bathroom or a back room when nursing in public. That doesn’t have to be the case. Try one or more of these tips and tricks, and you’ll be able to feed baby without embarrassing yourself or those around you.

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