Brushing Your Cat: A Grooming Guide

Your cat cat needs to be brushed to keep them feeling and looking thier best. Not all cats like to be brushed at first. If they are not used to being handled this may make things more tricky but with a little time and effort they will purr in delight when you get the brush out.

If this is your first attempt at brushing keep the session short, about five or so minutes. For a few weeks, untill your cat is comfartable being brushed, mostly avoid brushing their stomach. Cats are sensitive at there stomach areas. Soon you will be able to extend your grooming time to however long you, and your cat would like. Don’t forget to give them their favorite treat when it is all over!

Shorthaired cats only need to be brushed once a week or so. They made need to be brushed more often than this when they begin to shed their winter coat. A shorthaired cats brushing is very simple, gently but firmly brush them with a wire tippled comb. Start at the head and go down to the tail. Finish up with a regular bristal cat brush in the same fashion.

A long haired cats brushing session is a diffrent story. Depending on the length of the hair they may need to be brushed either every or every other day. The first step is to get all the tangels out, carfully of course, with out hurting the cat. Next use a bristle brush, never a wire tipped brush, to brush her. Again you start with the head and go down to the tail. As always give lots of praise and treats when it’s all over.

It may be a challange at first but if you follow these steps your feline freind will have a happy and healthy experience.

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