Budget Ways to Add More Outdoor Storage

Storage room is just as important outdoors as it is inside of a home. Space is needed for storing and protecting everything from lawn care products to toys and everything in between. Everything cannot be crammed in a basement or garage. You do not have to purchase a costly shed to add another permanent structure for storing belongings. Use one or more of these budget options, and find a place to put everything. Your yard will look much neater, and your belongings will last a lot longer when not exposed to the elements.

Add an Outdoor Storage Bench

An outdoor bench with a flip top and hollow interior is a great storage solution for a deck, porch or patio. It will also provide extra seating. Buy a heavy-duty plastic bench that will repel and seal out moisture. It can be topped with an indoor/outdoor cushion for added comfort, color and style. Place a large potted plant on each side, and add a couple of indoor/outdoor throw pillows that coordinate with the cushion.

Make a Storage Table with a Huge Clay Planter and Saucer

Just a little bit of added outdoor storage is all that is needed to make a tremendous difference, especially when storing smaller items that have no where else to go. A huge clay planter with a saucer can be turned into a unique storage table. Paint the exterior of the pot in an acrylic color of your choice, and paint the edge of the matching saucer with the same or a varying hue. After the paint fully dries, protect it with clear spray-on acrylic sealer. Give the sealer plenty of time to dry before topping the open pot. The parts will stick together if they are not completely dry.

Use the pot to add more outdoor storage for small items. Use the covered top as a small side table for holding drinks and more. It is a budget outdoor furnishing that will serve a secondary purpose. Store it in the winter in locations where ice and snow are an issue and it will last indefinitely.

Paint, Stack and Connect Two or Three Tires

If you have two or three old tires of the same circumference lying around, put them to good use. They can be turned into convenient outdoor storage. Paint the tires with Krylon Fusion Paint for best results. After the paint dries, bolt the tires securely together on the inside while they are neatly stacked. Keep your creative storage solution covered with an old trashcan lid that has been painted to match. The items inside will remain dry and protected, and you will make good use of items that would otherwise end up in a junk pile.

Source: Advanced Crafting Experience

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