Jig-A-Loo Makes the World Run Smoother

Jig-A-Loo is an invisible, odorless, stain-free, all-around lubricant AND water repellent with hundreds of practical uses around the home, office, garage, garden, boat or campground. The product was invented in Quebec in 1958 and named after the Canadian phrase “Ti-gi-dou” meaning “I’ve got it!” uttered by its creator upon finding the winning formula after an extensive trial period. A favorite product in Canada for residential, industrial and commercial uses, JIG-A-LOO is ideal for wood, metal, leather, most plastics and a number of other surfaces. It lubricates, inhibits rust and freeze, waterproofs, smoothens, de-squeaks and helps just about everything operate better. Unlike traditional lubricants, JIG-A-LOO does not contain oil, grease, wax or detergent and thus will not drip or stain.

The Do-It-Yourself crowd can have all their water repelling, lubricating needs met with one can of JIG-A-LOO. Extreme sportsmen, boaters, fishers, golfers, crafters, handymen, cyclists, campers, gardeners, ceramicists, DIYers, street lugers, bowlers and tow truck drivers among others will all find their lives made better by the revolutionary, all-purpose functionality of JIG-A-LOO. Suggested uses for JIG-A-LOO include shining car tires, unlocking jammed zippers, preventing rust on rabbit cages, quieting squeaky piano pedals and the list goes on and on. You can find more information on Jig-A-Loo at their website!

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