BugOut Ant Killer

If you’ve discovered an army of ants, or just a few ants attacking a single crumb on your kitchen floor, you’re probably looking for ways to kill the ants and end the invasion. It’s not always easy to find the best products to kill ants, especially in a household with pets and kids. Ant bait isn’t safe around playful pets and curious kids, so what types of products are safe to kill indoor ants?

The following review provides helpful information regarding BugOut Ant Killer, manufactured by IQ Products Company. This review on BugOut Ant Killer will help those with ants and other pests decide if BugOut Ant Killer is the right product to solve their problem with invading ants and other insects. After reading this evaluation, you can decide the best plan of attack to get rid of ants and other insects in your home.

Product Description

BugOut Ant Killer comes in a 17.5-ounce aerosol spray can. The can is red and topped by a red plastic cap. The label is designed with a burst of yellow in the center, and the yellow background spotlights a giant ant that is intimidating to say the least. A purple banner across the bottom is dotted with yellow circles that highlight renderings of a tick, flea, and spider. The purple banner says it also kills ticks, fleas, and spiders.

Product Claims

Besides killing ants, ticks, fleas, and spiders, the back label says this bug spray can also be used to combat cockroaches, carpet beetles, sowbugs, crickets, centipedes, firebrats, saw-toothed grain beetles, and rice weevils. I’ve never heard of the latter three insects, but this product must be powerful if it can effectively eliminate all of these pests. Hopefully this product lives up to its claim.

The product is water-based, and claims to have a fresh scent, but the warning label is quite extensive. It contains all of the usual precautions regarding kids and pets, and it provides information on properly disposing of the can when finished. Areas that don’t come in direct contact with food and aren’t subject to water damage can be sprayed with this product.

Personal Experience

I bought a can of BugOut Ant Killer at my local Wal-Mart, but this product can be found at other discount stores as well as stores that sell household pesticides. I recommend locating this product online in an effort to find the lowest possible price.

Although the product is meant to capture the attention of those with problem ants, I bought my can of BugOut Ant Killer in an effort to kill the huge spiders that surround the entry doors of my house. Orb weavers spin their webs around my outdoor lights in an effort to capture prey after dark. These spiders become larger as the warmer months progress, and I didn’t like the idea of spiders hanging over my head when entering and exiting my home. BugOut Ant Killer looked like it could do the job, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.

The spiders sprayed with BugOut Ant Killer were instantly paralyzed, and the product worked as claimed. It killed the spiders as indicated on the product. One word of warning though – dying spiders come down on a single web, and they tend to hang around for a while. Watch out for dying spiders dropping from above.

BugOut Ant Killer also came in handy when I discovered an army of ants in my dining room. I have a young daughter, and she tends to get crumbs on the floor. Although I vacuum the carpets on a regular basis, ants found their way in and went straight for the goodies. I sprayed the ants with BugOut Ant Killer, and they were instantly killed. I also sprayed around the base of my kitchen cabinets, and along cracks and crevices where they could enter. The next day I discovered more dead ants near the metal bracket that secures the carpet between my dining room and kitchen. BugOut Ant Killer came through once again.

Shortly thereafter, when placing outgoing mail in my mailbox, I noticed the box had been invaded by sowbugs. It looked like an entire family of sowbugs had recently hatched. Being the kind person I am, I sprayed the interior of the mailbox with BugOut Ant Killer so my mail lady wouldn’t go buggy after opening the box. The spray immediately killed all of the unwelcome residents in my mailbox.

BugOut Ant Killer has come to my rescue many times, and I highly recommend BugOut Ant Killer to anyone with problem pests. This insect spray doesn’t have a strong chemical odor. It has a fresh scent as the label claims, and although this insect spray doesn’t smell strong, BugOut Ant Killer is an effective product for killing ants and many other problem insects.

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