Build Your Own Set of Sturdy Sawhorses

Sawhorses are an essential part of construction and home improvement projects. Versatile tools indeed, they have unlimited uses. From cutting long boards, to painting and staining trim, these are a must have for any one doing a home improvement project. Sure you can buy flimsy metal brackets to make your own, but these fold up to easily and you might just end up cutting through the metal brackets with your saw. So why not make some? It’s easier than you think. I’ll show you how and some advice you may not have thought of when crafting your own pair of construction grade sawhorses.

With 4-12 foot long 2×4’s, 4-8 foot 2×4’s, a circular saw and a few 12d nails or drywall screws, a pair of sawhorses awaits you. Start by cutting four lengths of 2×4’s at 4 feet. This will be the top rail for the sawhorse. Nail or screw two together. One 3 ½ inches and one 1 ½ inches together. In other words, one skinny side up and the other opposite. Nail the 1 ½ inch side in the center of the 3 ½ inch side of the other one. Do this step again for the other sawhorse.

Now you will need to cut eight equal lengths of the 2×4’s. 36 inches is usually the maximum height, but you can adjust the height if you’re shorter or taller. The height of the final product should be about hip high. Cut the legs long if you’re unsure, you can always cut them down later.

Now nail or screw the four legs to the previous boards you nailed together. With the top of the sawhorse facing with the flat end down and the 1 ½ inch side facing up, nail or screw the legs on below the top of the 2×4 about 2 inches. This will leave 2 inches exposed on top of the sawhorse free from nails for cutting into. This is a trick most how to books doesn’t show you. Hitting a nail with a saw blade can be dangerous as well as costly in replacing blades. Once you have the four legs attached your ready to brace them off. Repeat this step for the other sawhorse.

Now you will need to cut two 4 foot 2×4’s and two 3 foot 2×4’s for the bracing. Nail these about halfway up the legs, the four foot one on the front and the three foot one on the side. Don’t worry about the sides hanging over. You’ll have to trim these off with the circular saw anyways.

With any luck and a little skill, you should have a fine looking pair of sawhorses ready for use in all your projects to come for a long time to come. When the top 2×4 gets to cut up to use any more, simply pull out the nails or screws and replace with a new 2×4. Good luck!

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