Candles from the Candle Factory in Georgetown, Texas,

Scented candles from the Candle Factory in Georgetown, Texas, last forever and add a comforting touch to any home.

Several years ago, the company I worked for made a habit of buying candles from the Candle Factory for the front office staff once or twice a year. Usually, we would receive three or four 18 ounce jar candles at a time, meaning that when I left the company four years ago, I had quite a collection of these candles.

There are several reasons why I love these candles and recommend them to anyone who wants to add a little warmth or rich fragrance to their home.

First, they last forever.

The 26-ounce jar candles from the Candle Factory will burn for hours and hours. Often, I have let them burn for the better part of the day and then found the next day that they appear barely used.

Maybe it’s the type of wax they use. Maybe it’s the design of the jar. Either way, I know that I have a blueberry candle that I have burned for at least 100 hours over the course of the last five years and it is just getting to the point that I have to think about replacing it.

Second, they last forever.

Okay, I know I just said that. I have had several of these candles in storage for years because I don’t use them that often. And, when I open the lid, the scent is still strong and unchanged from the day I received the candle.

The colors remain true and so does the scent. I have a plum pudding candle from the Candle Factory that I only burn at Christmas. That candle is seven years old and it still smells as much like cinnamon and spice as the very first time I burned it.

Third, it’s the scents.

The Candle Factory has a variety of scents ranging from fresh spring scents like blueberry and peach to a warm wintery scent like Vanilla Hazelnut. The scents are natural and not cloyingly sweet. The blueberry is reminiscent of muffins baking and the vanilla hazelnut calls to mind coffee and a crackling fire.

Finally, it’s the price.

The Candle Factory jar candles are much more affordable than other brand name candles, like Yankee Candles. The 26-ounce jar candle sells for $19. The candles are also available at wholesale prices with a minimum order of $100 and for fundraisers for not-for-profit organizations.

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