Ten Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom for Summer

There’s nothing like the change of the seasons to get you in the mood to redecorate, and the bathroom should fall under your room decorating radar for summer! Summer bathroom accessories and dÃ?©cor abounds with fresh looks from the outdoors; from seashells to nature-inspired designs, you can create a fresh new look for any size bathroom. Dress up the guest bathroom with a fun beach theme, and choose the royal treatment to pamper yourself like a star in the master bath. Here are ten ways to decorate your bathroom this summer season:

#1: Shells galore!

Highlights from the seashore are the perfect match for a fresh, aquatic-inspired look. Try something unique this year with Greek and Portugal-inspired designs. You’ll find plenty of designs in carved ceramic, clean-cut porcelain, and simple but elegant rocks, pebbles, and other accessories fresh from the shore.

#2: Brighten it up with orange and yellow

A splash of color will add a unique look to your bathroom theme, and you can start with a basic cream or beige, and work on a fresh focal point. Choose yellow, orange, bright red, or another bright and bold color palette for a cheerful morning wake up!

#3: Taste of the tropics

Even though this may be the most overdone summer theme, you can create an understated and elegant look for your bathroom in a few simple steps. Add just a few tropical plants and flowers, and add a new set of shower rings (palm trees are always in season). Pull this off without looking gaudy by using the theme to accent your main color theme.

#4: Chrome towel bars and hooks

Even a slight change in the wall hooks and accessories can help you create a fresh look. Switch to chrome or brushed silver for a fresh and sparkling addition to the wall space.

#5: Rattan and raffia-inspired rugs

A new rug can quickly liven up the entire bathroom, so take your pick from beige and tan designs that speak of the outdoors. Complement these with ceramic and porcelain accessories in neutral tones. Greens and browns do well with this look, giving you a nature-inspired effect.

#6: Switch to organic cottons for towels

The low-key look of organic solids and color palettes work well with almost any bathroom theme. Add these to your summer order, and enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly living as well as a balanced theme.

#7: Add wall sconces

This can add some fresh lighting opportunities to a mirror or wall space, and emphasize an area. If you’ve added some new paintings or wall hangings, finishing it off with a wall sconce will help create a unique effect.

#8: Create a mirrored tile wall

This is a great way to expand any room. Adding the visual effects of mirrors in the bathroom can be an attractive addition, and installation is fairly easy. Pick up a set of mirrored tiles from your local home d�©cor store-usually available in packs of six or eight-and just install them in a cascading effect.

#9: Natural stone and pebbles

The organic look continues in the bathroom, and you won’t have trouble finding natural stone and pebble-stacked accessories for summer. If you’re renovating, consider stone bowls and wash basins; these designer looks are a valuable addition to the modern bathroom. For country looks, choose a granite base instead.

#10: Glass and silver: the perfect match

From decking out the vanity space with glass accessories, or adding a touch of silver for fixtures, glass and silver can add a clean-cut elegance to any existing bathroom ensemble. Add glass or mirrored containers to amplify the effect.

Take your pick from these top ten ideas to ‘summer-ize’ your bathroom this year, and lighten up! From natural organic to lavish glass and porcelain, you can create a fresh look for that appeals to your guests and household alike.

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