How to Properly Patch a Hole in Your Wall

It’s easy to fix holes in your walls if you know the right steps.

The first step is to determine the size of the hole. If there are different size holes then they may need to have different repair methods. By using a nail you can patch it along the hole using an appropriate liquid compound. Use sand for smooth finish after the compound has dried up.

The large holes will have to be covered and treated as new areas. If the nails and screws are protruding in the framing then remove them and a cut a piece of the drywall. Use tape and sand for securing the drywall

Measure the hole and be sure enough that it’s the right method being followed

2)A Brief Study. Before you begin remember you have everything you need this may help in saving some time after mixing the compound and having the appropriate tools needed for the job. As soon as the compound is mixed do not waste a minute as it may result in the drying up of the compound leaving only its dregs behind.

3)Proper use of the compound. Be sure not to be over confident in applying excessive compound, as it may not produce desired results of your patching. Nevertheless applying a little bit of compound would make your patch crack or break up.

4)The waiting time. You may feel to go over new projects but over here a little patience will be required, as you need to make the compound completely dry so as to move on to the next phase of patching

5)The finishing stage.As you reach the end of your patching stage you may be completely satisfied however there may be little ridges that might have formed during the patching phase though they may not yet be visible but after painting they will. Also apply sand very gently so as to not remove the compound. Dust all the sand and progress to painting it over.

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