The Best Places to Hide Money

Many people automatically place valuables in their top dresser drawer or in kitchen cabinets alongside dishes, glasses, and other kitchenware, and these are some of the worst places to hide money. Burglars immediately head for the bedrooms because they know most people tuck away money, jewelry, and other items of value beneath lingerie, socks, and other top-drawer clothing. It’s also common knowledge that people hide money and other valuables in kitchen cabinets for easy access, but when placed in kitchen cabinets, anything of value is also easy access for thieves.

The following information will give you new ideas on places to hide money in your home. It’s always best to put money in a bank account or in a fire-proof safe, but if you must hide it in your home and out of sight for whatever reason, give the following locations some thought. Think like a thief, and you’ll never tuck away money in dresser drawers or kitchen cabinets again!

Conceal it in a Book

Money can easily be hidden in a book, especially if the center pages have been cut out with a utility knife. Start buy cutting out a rectangle, and cut away several pages at a time until the recess is deep enough to hold a significant number of bills. Paperclip the bills, and tuck them away inside the book. An unassuming book with the interior cut away can hold a considerable amount of money, and it’s one of the best places to hide it.

Under a Bottom Dresser Drawer

People searching for cash almost always check dresser drawers, but they don’t usually go so far as to remove the bottom drawer. Most chests of drawers have a little space between the bottom of the lowest drawer and the base of the furniture. It’s the perfect place to tuck away money where most wouldn’t think to look, and it’s also one of the best places to hide cash.

In an Empty Can

An empty can in the back of a cupboard is another one of the best places to hide money. If you don’t already have one, purchase one of the newer style can openers that neatly removes the lid from the rim of a can without leaving sharp edges. Empty a can of your choice, preferably a type of food no one will attempt to eat, and keep the label intact. Clean and dry it properly, and hide the money until you need it.

If you’re concerned that someone could pick up the can and realize it isn’t filled with anything, fill the bottom with modeling clay to add weight. In addition, glue the lid in place with super glue or epoxy so it won’t fall off. You can always open it again with a standard can opener.

In a Vase

A nontransparent vase is also one of the very best places to hide money. Buy a realistic looking artificial houseplant such as a spider plant, and weigh down the vase with marbles. Place your money inside, and cover it with the plant. Store the vase high up on a computer desk or a shelf unit, and no one will ever think it holds anything but an attractive plant.

In a Figurine

Ceramic or porcelain figurines are usually hollow and have a hole in the base. This just might be one of the best places to hide money. Roll up and secure money you want to hide, and push it up into the figurine. Place a cork over the hole, and slice off the cork with a utility knife. The cork can be painted to match the color of the figurine so it will conceal the hole altogether. When you want to retrieve the money you can easily use a corkscrew to remove the cork. No one will ever guess it contains hidden money!

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