Bulimia: The Hidden Eating Disorder

There are a number of eating disorders. Most people know about anorexia where the individual starves themselves in order to be thin eating as little as possible. Many people suffering from anorexia need therapy to overcome the condition and some end up hospitalized being forced fed. But there are other eating disorders out there that maybe less known but just as dangerous. The first is Bulimia, bulimia is known but those who are bulimic can hide the condition much more easier than someone with anorexia. Bulimia is the process of regurgitating food or taking laxatives to eliminate food.

What can make bulimia more dangerous than anorexia is many people engage in bulimia to maintain their weight. There may be no outer appearance of significant weight loss. However, regurgitating food and/or using laxatives frequently to eliminate food are dangerous patterns. Forced vomiting can result in damage to the throat and esophagus – damaging the tissues. Acid in the stomach can cause teeth to deteriorate. Also, vomiting causes the body to lose potassium and too much potassium loss can result in serious damage to organs and can cause one to suffer from cardiac arrest. Using laxatives can result in the loss of much needed nutrients in the body. Dehydration is also a problem for bulimia suffers because of constant forcing water and nutrients from the body. Some bulimics will engage in overeating. They will eat an abnormal amount of food at one time and then force vomit or take laxatives to eliminate the food. Some may vomit and take laxatives together, not just one or the other.

Bulimics, like anorexics, hide their eating disorder but there are some signs you can be aware of; frequent trips to the bathroom, especially after eating, can be a sign, frequent brushing of the teeth, and purchasing laxatives. Of course, as with any eating disorder there is always an obsession of food and weight as a sign. Also, if you notice a person eating lots of food at one time but not gaining weight could also be a sign. Another type of bulimia is excessive exercising. To the bulimic it is the same excessive behavior as taking laxatives or regurgitating. The person exercises almost to the extent of exhaustion in order to lose any weight gain or to just lose weight. Exercising more than one hour a day or multiple times throughout the day everyday can be a sign someone is suffering from bulimia or some eating disorder. The exercising becomes an obsession to lose or keep weight off. Excessive exercising can be used in conjunction with other types of bulimic behavior. Eating disorders are serious and should be taken serious. There are many people who suffer from eating disorders and practically go on noticed. If you suspect someone you know is suffering from bulimia, confront them and seek help.

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