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Self Esteem Secrets by Pete Berardi Why is self-esteem important? How you look at yourself is a very important part of life. It affects every aspect of your life from what kind of job you have to what kind of spouse you marry. Your self esteem is the picture that you have of yourself in your mind. It is something that you created. It is in your mind right now and it is constantly developing. Self esteem is the basic reference from which your performance in life will stem. If a person has low self esteem he or she will not believe that they can perform well and most likely will not. If a person, on the other hand, does have high self esteem they will believe that they can perform well and most likely will. A wise man once said, “Anything that can be believed, can be achieved”. Now do you see how important your self esteem is? The self esteem controls the belief system of that person. It is plain to see that if a person has a strong belief system then they are more likely to achieve well. How likely are you to be able to achieve something if you are certain that you cannot do it? The answer is simple, NOT AT ALL.

Therefore, if a person’s belief system directly influences their performance in life and their self esteem directly influences their belief system, then by improving one’s self esteem they can improve their performance in life as well. Secrets to a higher self-esteem As mentioned earlier in the article. Self esteem is the picture that you have of yourself in your mind. In this case, perception is reality. Think of this example. A person with anorexia nervosa has a problem with eating too little because he or she thinks that she is too fat. The surprising part of this is that most of these people are emaciated. However it does not matter how they really look because their mind is telling them that they are too fat. The fact of the matter is that the perception that this person has of themselves is reality to them. Now, if that person can change the perception that they have of themselves, or the picture, then they will instantly think differently of themselves. In this particular case the person will no longer see themselves as fat but as they truly are- totally emaciated. This truth applies to not only obvious examples such as this one but also very subtle ones. For example, if a man wants to ask a woman out to dinner he will most likely get the date if the woman finds him to be attractive.

However if the man has a picture in his mind of himself as being unattractive then that is the image that he will portray to the woman. He will in essence act out the image that he has. If he sees himself as an attractive and desirable man then he will portray that image to the woman and she will find him to be attractive as well. The secret to a higher self esteem is to alter the picture that we have of ourselves. It is a very simple process, does not take that much time to achieve, and has amazingly dramatic results. Changing the picture There are two basic ways of changing the picture that one has of himself. The first one is mental imaging through meditation and the second one is affirmations. In mental imaging through meditation one places himself in a very relaxed state with his eyes closed and creates images of himself that are desirable. If never done before, this can be difficult at first, but becomes easier with practice. Just sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax. Then simply imagine yourself in a situation that you want to succeed at and doing so exceptionally well. For example, if you want to become better at throwing darts then exercise your mind in this fashion.

First, imagine yourself throwing a dart from a bird’s eye view. In other words, actually watch yourself throw a dart. Make it a very appealing picture by being nicely dressed, smiling, and in a desirable environment. If you do this right you will find yourself smiling as you do it. After you have that picture of yourself in your mind, picture yourself throwing a bull’s eye over and over again. Make it a movie of succeeding in any desired action. After that stage of the process, the next view you will take is to imagine yourself succeeding through your own eyes. If you want to get better at darts, then imagine a dart board and you throwing a perfect shot as if you were really doing it. After you have formed the movie of yourself throwing the perfect shot, replay it over and over again. This has dramatic effects and will improve your dart game almost immediately. The power of the mind is literally untapped and should not be underestimated. Make sure that the movies that you create are vivid, and exciting. Use as many senses as you can. The more real the movies are the better because you are actually trying to trick your mind into believing that you have actually done it already even if you have not. Everybody knows that it is easier to believe that you can do something if you already have. Makes sense right? The second part, affirmations, is very easy. All you have to do is write five positive statements about yourself being or doing what you want to achieve and then say them aloud ten times twice a day. Think of it as taking your medication. Make the affirmations realistic but make them stretch you as well. For example, affirming that you will be a millionaire in 24 hours is not realistic, but in a year it certainly is. Go for it. Affirmations should go something like this. 1. I am a very attractive man and have great success with the ladies. Yes, it is that simple. Just write five of them and say them aloud to yourself ten times each twice a day and you will see results that you have never dreamed.

Conclusion Why live your life as a failure? If you want to succeed then just do it. Take hold of the one thing that is holding you back, your self esteem. Take charge of the mental picture that your mind has created and back it what you want to be. Your mind will literally do anything to be exactly like the picture that it has created. Be careful what you say about yourself and what you think secretly about yourself. If these thoughts and words are negative then they can have devastating effects to your self esteem. If you create a picture of yourself that is positive you will be positive. If you see yourself as a winner you will be a winner. Unfortunately the opposite holds true as well. You decided. Finally, you control your destiny. The future of your life is in your hands.

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