How to Beat Winter Weight Gain

Many people gain body fat during winters because of various reasons. The most common reason is that our body responds as the season changes so in order to keep ourselves warm we put on fat. Also most people become lazier snuggling in their blankets, taking rest most of the time.

Now the question is why we become lazy and eat more during this time? Research shows that the hormone in our body which puts us to sleep, is released even more during winters as a result of which we eat more.

Also many people go into a state of depression with the depressing gloom of the winters and hence they start eating more and more in order to stay happy. Eating things that are high in sugar and sodium makes their depression go.

These are some of the main reasons that make us grow in size during winters. Now you might be wondering how to beat this winter gain? Here’s how:


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    Exercise will Keep You Warm Yet Active:

    Mostly in winters we have the smart excuse of tucking into bed for long and not doing exercise. Well, do not sit at one place for more then 1 hour. If you think you are getting lazy while sitting in front of television, watching your favorite show, then I won't recommend you to stop watching it. Just keep watching and but do a little exercise side by side like exercising your arms and legs for 10 times after every two hour. This will make you stay warm as well as active.

    Also do take out some time during the day to exercise and make a well scheduled routine in which you can never miss out your exercise. This will not only keep you warm but will also help you stay active and hence keep your inches.

    Going for a walk in your nearest park is best where you can also breath in the fresh air but if you cannot go out because of the severe winters then workout on the treadmill. Or simply exercise in your room by doing few fat reduction exercises.

    Also if you feel that you cannot walk or stay active because of your work environment, then take those foods that you can digest more easily like fruits and veggies and baked meats (without oil).

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    Switch to Winter Diet:

    It is important to see what food you eating during winters because we are what we eat. Dwell upon weight reduction food like fruits and veggies. Take oranges and grape fruits because they can help you loose weight pretty fast! Do not worry if you eat too much of fruits and vegies, as they're not harmful at all.

    Strictly avoid heavy food that is difficult to digest and  cut down carbs, sugar or sodium rich food and also fried food!

    Eat nuts but with a caution or you will end up in a fat you the next summer with none of your clothes according to your size! Nuts play a great role in gaining weight especially during winters not because nuts cause weight gain but because the way we are eating them, we are already taking calories in our diet from other sources and when we add unchecked quantities of nuts we get more and more calories in our body and therefore we rapidly gain weight.

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    Maintain Proper Eating Schedule:

    If you are likely to put on weight during winters then that does not mean that you should not eat at all. It has been proved through research that those who do not eat do not get thin but under nourished and in some cases they get fatter. The point is not staying starved all the time but to burn whatever you eat. Eat that much that you can burn! Research shows that instead of taking meals three times a day it is better to take meals in small quantities that is five or six times a day so that you may also be able to burn whatever you eat. If you have eaten too much in one sitting then let it burn first and give a gap of 3 hours before taking the next meal and dwell upon a light food this time.

    Now a few tips on eating schedule. It is always good to start your day by eating a healthy breakfast because whatever you eat in the morning will not let you gain weight. So include a glass of milk (or skimmed milk as your health suggests), two slices of bran bread and boiled eggs.

    Now after two to three hours the food you have taken in your breakfast has digested so now is the time to take some fruits and vegetable salad or alternatively take some wheat biscuits in your snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

    After 2 or 3 hours take your lunch. During the lunch time avoid eating refined food and take some slices of bran bread and baked meats like fish along with some salad.

    After giving a gap of three hours, take some afternoon snack with some porridge and a cup of tea or coffee if you like.

    Take your dinner early like during 5 p.m to 6 p.m since the dinner is a heavy meal so it must be digested before you go to sleep. Take some baked meats (baked without oil) with salads along with a glass of fresh fruit juice for dinner. Now after 3 hours your food is almost digested so for now take some snack of your choice like a bowl of salad.

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    Timeout with friends:

    Take yourself out of the despair and have fun with your friends! Even if you can not hang out with your friends for a spree or any other healthy activity because of severe winters then you can also invite them to an indoor get together and kill the winters gloom!  But remember  not to eat too much!

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    Your Sleeping Schedule Must be Perfect:

    It has been seen that most of us sleep more during winters as a result of which we gain weight. Research suggests that sleeping at least 6 hours every night is fine for your metabolism to stay normal. If you are sleeping more then 7 to 9 hours then you should normalize your sleeping habits because it is likely that you put on a lot of weight. In order to bring your sleeping habits to normal first develop a habit to get up after 6 to 7 hours by putting your alarm clock with a sheer sound alert so that you wake up at the right time. Taking caffeine and doing few warm up exercise will definitely open your eyes wide! Once you strive to get up after 6 to 7 hours of sleep, your body will be tuned in a week to follow this schedule itself.

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