Bumbleride Strollers

This line of strollers is fashionable and sturdy – not to mention reasonably priced when compared to competitors like Bugaboo. Bumbleride, a California-based company, was started by a husband and wife who were dissatisfied with the stroller market when their child was born. They wanted something lightweight, with great colors and fabrics, and more European than American in style. They developed three models for the modern family: a classic pram (the Queen B), a sporty jogger (the Rocket), and a classic four-wheeler (the Flyer). All have aluminum frames, adjustable handles (great for parents who aren’t the same height), sturdy bar breaks, and are available in four color/pattern options.

The Flyer is the most traditional stroller in the line with its standard four-wheel design, plus it has a reversible handle. An easy flip of the handle takes the stroller from forward facing (with your child looking out) to backward facing (with your child looking at you). Thoughtfully, there are break bars on both sides and all four wheels rotate, so one handlebar setting is not more convenient than the other. This is the most lightweight stroller in the line at 19 lbs.

The Rocket is a jogging stroller, with a triangular, three-wheeled design. Like most joggers, its front wheel locks straight for jogging and then unlocks for pushing in narrower spaces like aisles or stores. While it has a jogger design, it can also be used when the child is an infant – the back reclines flat for newborns (though you shouldn’t jog with them until they are able to hold their head up on their own). The best element of this stroller is its practical design – it is trendy and maneuverable enough to be an everyday stroller, but it is equally as good for running. This model folds down pretty easily, though it helps is the front wheel is unlocked. Reasonable weight for all the features, too: 22 lbs.

The Queen B is the stroller for the big family with a big garage. Unlike the other two models, it can be “expanded” with a toddler seat and a boogie board. The toddler seat attaches to the front of the stroller, leaving plenty of room for an infant under the canopy. The boogie board attaches to the bottom of the stroller, positioning your toddler so he or she is standing between you and the frame, offering a quick “free ride.” Note that even though this stroller can be used for one child from the infant to toddler years, once the toddler seat is attached, only a younger child can fit in the back. While this model is fun and even nostalgic, it isn’t small. The Queen B is not a stroller to fold down and put in the trunk at 31 lbs, but if you have room in your garage or mudroom, it’s great to push around the neighborhood.

All models have a full canopy (with window flap), cup holder attachment, and have ample storage underneath the seat. The Rocket and Flyer models come with a universal car seat adapter and boot cover (think attachable sleeping bag). Overall, great, fashionable, fun, and practical strollers, but not the smallest on the market.

Can be seen online at bumbleride.com and purchased through individual retailers like WhyTheRoosterCrows.com.

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