Having a Baby Shower for a Second or Third Child

With each new baby there comes new experiences, and of course new baby gear. But do you feel it is OK to give a second time or third time mom and dad another baby shower? Well of course this would be a personal opinion, but what is really wrong with another baby shower? They are a great longtime tradition. Of course the first baby shower is always when you get the most items because you have nothing and need everything. And of course if your second child is a different sex than the first you will need even more stuff all over again.

You will not believe how intense this debate has actually become with many parents today. If you talk to the moms however they will definitely tell you they appreciate every baby shower. Of course it also depends on how much time has passed since their last baby. For example if it has been three years or more than they have probably gotten rid of all the baby stuff they had and will need new baby stuff. This is especially true if they were not planning on having any more children. It is also possible that your first baby wore out all of the baby clothes and toys and you can not pass them on to your next child. Regardless of the circumstances most parents love the attention and each child should be welcomed to the family.

If this is not their first child you will want to think more about necessities instead of cute. For example when it comes to room decorations they may not really be necessary especially if they will be sharing a room with a big brother or sister. When it comes to breastfeeding supplies, every mom will need new stuff with each baby. Especially when it comes to bottles, and breast pumps. Most of the time the nipples on the bottles will wear out after time. The same goes for the breast pump. Of course there are also the diapers they will definitely need a ton of those.

Another thing that second and third time parents will need is bath supplies. Most of the time people will get a baby bath kit that will include wash clothes and shampoos and various other bath time items. Even though they may not need a lot it is always nice to have keepsakes for each individual child. Most people will get picture frames or a baby book. When it comes to toys however most second time parents do not need a lot of these, of course it still depends on how long ago it was that they had their first child. Last but not least there is mom who has endured nine long months of pregnancy. Moms can always get a little pampering and believe me they will definitely appreciate it.

So the bottom line is there is nothing wrong with having a separate baby shower for each child. This does not mean that the same person has to give each shower, but a shower can be hosted by a different person each time. That new baby deserves just as much attention as the others.

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