Fairmont State University to Offer Several Sports Camps

The 2005-06 academic school term is about to close in North Central West Virginia.

School closings because of foul weather were at a minimum throughout most of the region. Children are overjoyed with the prospect of summer vacation taking place right on schedule this summer season.

With Memorial Day right around the corner, families are looking forward to annual trips to visit grandma and grandpa. Mothers and fathers all over Marion County are saving for that special camping trip, or to see Disney World in Orlando for the very first time. Swimming pools and beach parties are mainstays for some folks.

But once the smoke clears – once the idea of sleeping in every day or the long-awaited vacation has come and gone, the reality of making good use of the next couple of months at times becomes more of a challenge. Believe it or not, boredom sets in for some students sooner than they may have thought in May.

Moms and dads, have no fear.

The greater Fairmont and Marion County area can be packed with things to do for kids of virtually all ages.

Fairmont State University will offer a number of sports camps – football, basketball, swimming and baseball will be on tap throughout the summer season.

Many of those will be free of charge for those who are involved with the Gear-Up program. There will be cost reductions for those who enroll with more than one session. What’s more, parents will realize savings for when there are more than one child involved, or for those who sign up early.

Football 7-on-7 Camp:

The camp is scheduled for June 29-30. The cost is $300 for teams of seven to 10. The camp is for boys enrolled in the eight to 12th grade. It is geared to help young people learn sportsmanship and camaraderie. It strives to show the athletes the importance of discipline and positive feedback.

Boys’ Basketball Camp:

This camp is unique to those enrolled in the 4th to 11th grades. It is a day camp that is scheduled to begin June 12 and close June 15. The camp will operate from 9-noon each day. The cost is $90. Registration is due by June 2.

Boys’ basketball camp is set up to assist young basketball athletes to develop and sharpen skills on and off of the court. Athletes will play six to eight games.

Girls’ D.I.M.E. Camp:

This is a camp that caters to young girls from 8-18. The acronym stands for Defense, Intensity, Motivation and Enthusiasm. It stresses offensive and defensive instruction. It focuses on fundamental drill series and 3-on-3 competition.

The camp will last from Monday, June 12 to Thursday, June 15. It will last from 9-noon each day and the tuition will be $90. The deadline for registration is June 2.

Biddy Ball Camp:

This is co-ed camp. It will last from Monday, June 19 to Thursday, June 22. Classes will run from 9-noon each day and the cost is set for $60. The camp is catered to those in kindergarten through third grade.

The program introduces the young people to the team sport. Students will be taught about the fundamentals of basketball. The program is designed help students to understand skills of the game.

Pitcher-Catcher Camp:

Fairmont State University will conduct this camp for boys ages 9 to 16. It will be held on June 17 from 9-4 pm. The tuition will be $50.

The camp is designed to teach, train and instruct players in the proper mechanics and most effective strategies of pitching and catching (your choice).

Baseball Day Camp:

This camp is created for boys ages 7-14. It is scheduled for Monday, June 26 to Thursday, June 30 from 8:30-noon. Tuition will be $90. Deadline for registration is June 16.

The camp is specifically designed to provide each camper with learning opportunities to learn the fundamentals of the game and compete daily in each play.

Football Day Camp:

This camp is created for boys ages 8-18. The camp is set for Monday, June 26 to Wednesday, June 28 from 1-5 pm. Tuition is $90 and the deadline is June 16.

Campers will learn the fundamentals of offense, defense and special teams play through individual, group and team play.

Call 304-367-4220 for the application. For more information or to get an enrollment brochure, send an e-mail to dhorner@fairmontstate.edu or go to www.fightingfalcons.com.

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