What is This Life All About? Part 1

It’s a strange thing about life. I don’t quite understand it, and it wouldn’t surprise me to know that there are lots more people out there who don’t understand it either.

I mean look at us, I think that humans are the strangest creatures on earth!
How many animals do you know that destroy themselves the way we do, how many animals do you know destroy their own kind like we do.

Sure some animals may hunt and destroy another species but they always look after their own. Animals know or care nothing about race, color or status. Sure some animals are more dominant than others, like the Lion for instance, but they don’t need to step on anyone to be at the top. Most animals unless provoked are quite content to live in peace and harmony.

We humans on the other hand are a totally different matter��..

As adults we get upset when our children misbehave and disobey us, we can’t comprehend why when you tell a child or a teenager not to do something they do it anyway even when they know that they can get hurt, but think about this, adults do that all the time too.

People know that driving drunk can injure or kill themselves or someone else, but they do it anyway.

Smokers and Drinkers are told ever so often that over indulgence is dangerous to their health, and can eventually kill them, but that doesn’t stop them.

Addicts, alcoholics etc. they always say that they know when to stop, that they can stop anytime they want, but they don’t realize until its too late that its not that simple or easy.

How can we expect children to do the right thing when adults keep doing the wrong things?

Right now, we live in a very dangerous and envious world. Families, friends and strangers alike are fighting and killing each other over money, property and other earthly treasures, things we came into this world without and will leave this world without.

Friends and family members take each other to court, friendships and families are broken up because it’s more important to be right than to forgive and forget. Love is sacrificed for pride and ownership.

Families, friends and strangers alike hate, kill and start wars for the sake of race, religion, difference of culture and difference of opinion. Some people think it’s a crime to be different, some people think it’s a crime to be sick. Most of them don’t realize that they are the sick ones and that having a sick mind is the worse kind of illness for anyone to have.

We live in a world where kids are not even safe playing in their own yards, some not even in their own homes. Women are not safe just walking to the corner. Teenagers are not safe hanging out with their friends. Every hour of every day somewhere, someone is being attacked, raped, abused and murdered and the statistics keep growing.

Watch the news, parents, let your kids watch the news too, however horrible and heart wrenching it can be sometimes, let kids see why it’s not safe to talk to strangers or to wander off. Let teenagers see why the term “Everyone else is doing it.” Is not a good enough reason to drink, smoke, have sex and cut class.

Teenagers want to be treated like adults yet so many of them cannot understand what being an adult really means, like responsibility and consequences.

Teenagers want to be treated like Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½individuals’ so that they can follow the crowd, do what everyone is Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½doing’ so that they can Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½fit in’ Talk about contradiction, how individual is that!

Sometimes parents forget what it was like to be a kid and a teenager, but so often it’s the teenager who forgets that their parents were once teenagers and know a thing or two about life.

Many kids and teenagers are in a hurry be an adult and then when they become an adult, they are afraid of growing old.

Kids, teenagers, take your time, don’t be in such a hurry to grow upâÂ?¦âÂ?¦âÂ?¦.the world isn’t going anywhere; however where you go will depend on you.

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