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Where do you get information to make important choices? Think about it-How did you choose what college to attend? How did you choose where to buy a house? How did you choose what career to pursue? You went for the factual truth, right? – at least, I hope that’s your answer. Every American needs the factual truth about – the economy; the war on terror; healthcare.

And the funny thing about “factual truth” is that what I see as the factual truth, my reader may see a falsehood. And since we live in America, you have the right to understand and speak out on your “factual truth”. But since my fingers are on the keyboard right now, I’ll speak out on my “factual truth”.

So what’s the factual truth about the economy? The economic well-being of our citizens has been a principal concern of President Bush’s administration. By the time Bush took office, the economy was sliding into recession. To get it growing again, the Bush Administration has delivered tax relief for the American people. Why is this important? It is important because the more money that is left in the hands of the American people who earned it leaves them more in control of their lives rather than a government pension being our only hope after retirement.

Then, you know how Kerry and the former presidential candidates said that the tax cuts are wrong because it gives the wealthy Americans the tax break? Oh, really? I am a single mom in mid-middle class and I received a nice tax refund check. That, along with other economic breaks that the Bush administration has proposed and has put into action, made it possible for me to hire an additional contract worker for my business. This allowed my small business, like many other small business, to expand.

When Americans have more take-home pay, they have more to spend – driving the economy forward; more to save – driving financial security on the family level; and more to invest – having a personal secure retirement investment with individual control. Americans took those dollars and put them to work resulting in:

�· The fastest pace of economic growth in third quarter of 2003 in nearly 20 years;

�· New home construction at the highest level in almost 20 years;

�· thousands of new jobs created;

�· The home ownership rate the highest ever.

�· the unemployment rate dropping;

As of May, 2005, there had been 893,000 jobs created in the first 52 months of the Bush presidency . The Bush administration’s budget for the 2006 fiscal year cuts non-defense discretionary spending on various programs including veteran’s health care, law enforcement, and education. The President proposed cutting $14 billion worth of programs and said this would keep the US “on track to cut the deficit in half by 2009.”

One Democrat reported the following: “I am one who helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Democratic candidates nationally in the last two decades. I voted for Al Gore. But I’m also an objective financial commentator. With stocks at two-year highs and interest rates, as represented by the 10-year treasury, hovering near all-time lows, I can’t help reach a different conclusion from Mr. Bush’s critics: The economic policies pursued by this president have been a stunning empirical success.”

USA Today/Gallup Poll puts Bush’s job rating at 36% as of June 1, 2006 versus 31% on May 1, 2 – 5. Some think that is absolutely terrible. However, sometimes the right thing to do is not the popular thing to do and is the target of criticisms and blame. Bush has had the courage to take a stand against evil dicators and immoral legislation. That’s not popular but he is a man of his word and a president who has led the United States of America boldly and with commitment for the best of the American people.

God Bless America!!!

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