Buying Guide: DVD Copying Software

Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½When you’re ready to distribute your home-made DVDs and favorite digital videoÃ?¯Ã?¿Ã?½shots to friends and family, you’ll need to find an easy-to-use DVD copying software. You can easily and efficiently copy your DVDs and video media using DVD copying software. DVD copying software gives you options and flexibility to make backup copies of your favorite DVDs, segments of movies, and capture memorable moments from your home digital camera to last a lifetime! Since most of today’s home PCs and laptops also have a built-in DVD option, it makes it fun and easy to watch your creations anywhere.

CSS decryption is important for all users of copying software, as DVD duplication is prevented by using a Content Scrambling System (CSS). Distributors of DVDs will encode their DVD to prevent mass duplication. Still, copy-protection removal is possible on your home DVDs with CSS decryption. Not all copying software versions offer these capabilities, but many do. In cases where CSS decryption is not built in or integrated, you may need to download an external decrypting utility to complete the copying process.

When searching for the best DVD copying software, you need to take into account the following key items:

� Speed of copying completion
� Supported configurations for both computer and disks
� Output format options
� Features such as multi-language support, omission or retention of bonus material
� Ability to capture episodic DVDs (e.g. compilations, series)
� Ability to overcome CSS (Content Scrambling System) encryption
� Ability to fit a DVD to just one disk (compression)
� Easy-to-use format and support available

The DVDCloner III offers easy options and functions for copying your current DVDs onto blank DVD + R/RW disks. It also can help you copy DVDs directly to your hard drive. Most laptops and personal computers are compatible with the DVDCloner III software, and it offers high-quality media streaming and fast encoding/decoding.

With the DVDCloner III, you can capture some or all of your DVD segments. The software allows you to create customized copies and versions, so you are free to edit and cut out what you would like. Making or removing episodes is easy, and you can do the same with bonus material. The DVDs produced can be used on both regular DVD players, as well as personal computers.

The reproductions do support most standard DVD players and burners, and it can take less than 30 minutes! Most copying, however, comes closer to one hour. If you would like to add bonus footage, you can do so by compressing the file. The software also gives you the option to upgrade when you’re ready.

The easy-to-use format of the DVD Cloner III makes it simple to navigate the program and point and click each for scenes and episodes. You can even send specific information to folders on both your PC, or an additional DVD. 1 Click DVD Copy and WinxDVDCopy are close competitors in the DVD copying software market, but neither match the DVDCloner III for speed, efficiency, price, and compatibility with multiple drivers. Priced at $39.99, the DVD Cloner III is a top choice for DVD copying software.

The DVD Cloner III offers you the choice to select and change multiple languages including Korean, Chinese, and Hungarian. You can also burn movies into an AVI, MPEG, or SVCD format. The crisp and professional-looking copies are a great opportunity for adding to your DVD collection. The software also has the capability to create back-up CDs, so you can quickly archive and catalogue all of your media items together. The CSS decryption capability is top-notch and the software easily processes a variety of DVDs.

On your quest for the best DVD copying software, look for ease-of-use, flexible capabilities, and high-quality end results. Your DVD copies will look professional and just like the original; do keep in mind violations of copyright protected software, particulary movies and music CDs. The Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 does protect manufacturers from any illegal redistribution of their products; today’s users do take the advantage of the ability to make a personal backup CD or copy for personal use only.

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