Treat Yourself to a Shark Steam & Spray

“Clean” is the perfect word. It’s one syllable and who doesn’t like to say… clean?

So how about giving yourself or someone you the gift of “clean” this holiday season?

That gift would be the Shark Steam & Spray?

It’s a household device that lives up to its billing.

The Shark Steam & Spray outperforms the Swiffer WetJet in tests.

Shark has combined their trusted super-heated steam with a gentle, non-toxic cleanser, to get your floors clean. For customers who need extra cleaning power to deep clean and sanitize all hard floor surfaces, the Shark Steam & Spray offers 99.9 percent sanitization, killing germs and that pesky bacteria with no residue left behind in your house.

For one, my floors have never looked or been cleaner. Shark’s products are so thorough, the floors seem to look and stay cleaner for longer periods of time. I’m saying that being an owner of a 11-month old Dachshund puppy.

For years SharkÃ?® has been a trusted brand in the steam cleaning category, and while using steam remains a safe, effective way to clean floors, we listened to the consumers who were looking for help to break down tougher stuck on messes and want a fresh clean scent after cleaning,” explains Mark Rosenzweig, CEO of Euro-Pro. “The cleaners we developed for the system are safe to use around children and pets*, and offer a fresh scent you don’t typically get by just using steam. This mop is designed to fit a number of consumer needs and was designed to give them the control to pick the cleaning solution, the pad and the steam setting necessary to tackle their given mess.”

Let’s look at the modes of the Shark Steam and Spray.

Steam & Spray Mode

When your really need to get something clean. Great for stuck-on dirt, heavy traffic areas or that buildup of gunk that has been driving you crazy.

Steam Mode

Everyday cleaning and sanitizing jobs that you need to keep up with.

Spray Mode

For quick messes and for use with Shark’s SaniFiber Disposable Pads. These are disposable pads that offer a similar cleaning performance to the Shark’s reusable microfiber pads. Cordless cleaning is easy and effortless.

The Shark’s pads are washable and easy to clean and reuse.

At $199, the Shark Steam and Spray is a an investment, but it’s well worth it. It would make that perfect gift and nobody is going to complain about something being clean.

Give the gift of clean to whoever you love this holiday season with the Shark Steam & Spray. The Steam & Spray is available at online and brick and mortar retailers, as well as Amazon.

Rick Limpert is an Atlanta-based writer that covers events, sports, and technology. You can follow him on Twitter at @RickRoswell.

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