New Website a Virtual Swap Meet for Internet Marketers and Web Designers is an online trading community for people who are involved in promoting or building websites. Users can trade links, swap content, trade their highly specialized skills for those offered by other users, and basically “wheel-n-deal” for marketing or design services.

Everett Sizemore, a search engine optimizer, was looking for some design help for one of his directory sites when he came up with the idea of offering his SEO services in exchange for a few hours of a good website designer’s time. The problem was there was no real venue for making such an offerâÂ?¦ until he created .

Some of the assets Mr. Sizemore hopes people will trade on his free web site include: content, blog entries, text links, banner ads, and services like website design, php coding, SEO and copywriting.

We all make the Internet go ’round in our own ways,” says Mr. Sizemore. “There is no limit to what can be achieved when each person combines his or her own skills, products and services with someone else’s in open collaboration“. was unveiled only days ago, but there are already some interesting opportunities being propositioned on the website. One travel marketing expert has asked others in either the travel or marketing industries to swap blog entries. This would allow both sites to obtain quality inbound links from similar but non-competitive blogs, and would freshen up the content while expanding each blogger’s reach.

One thread, which will undoubtedly cause controversy amongst the search marketing community, allows members to post “I’ll tag you if you tag me” type propositions for popular websites like Digg, and Furl. For now, Mr. Sizemore is going to play the waiting game and see if the community polices itself, or if his novel idea will require an army of moderators. “Anything can happen at this point,” he says.

One thing is for certain; if you want to swap content for links, ad space for website design, SEO for a customized java script, or any other possible trade combination, the PromotionTrader Forums provide the perfect venue for your offer.

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