Ways to Earn Money For Your Web Site

There are a number of ways of earning money for your website. Your website does not have to be a “store” to earn money. It can be a special interest website where you provide information to online visitors, such as a website for hobbyists for example or a business advocacy websites that simply gives business advice and guidelines but does not necessarily try to sell products. Nevertheless, you can still earn money for your website. Let’s say you’re a chocolate enthusiasts, and you wish to have a website which gives the history of chocolates. Other chocolate enthusiasts come to your website to read about the history of chocolates, its history in the Americas and throughout the world, and your various chocolate recipes that you want to share with others. Nevertheless, as a webmaster you want to earn money for your website. How do you do this?

Although your website is not strictly a “store,” you can still sell store items. Join Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble as an associate and you can offer selected books on chocolate. There’s Chocolate, Chocolate Obsession, Chocolate Recipes or whatever the books. Include these in your catalog. Those coming to your website to read about the history of chocolates can also purchase books through your website. You can also write your own books on chocolate and the history of chocolate which you market. You can self-publish them at the many diffferent self-publishing websites and then market them online. These can be pdf e-books and/or printed books. Or you can offer both an e-book and a printed version.

You can also sell articles and content. Any articles and content that you write for your website, you an also offer to others at whatever fee that you decide upon. They can pay you directly and/or through Stormpay or Paypal or one of the similar online companies.

There are also pay per click banners that you can put on your website. Join some of the affiliate programs that offer pay per click, which can be from a few cents up to one dollar per click. So that whenever anyone clicks on the the pay per click banners from your website, then you are paid from a few cents to a few dollars. To find these pay per click affiliate programs go to Google or Yahoo or one of the search engines. Enter “pay per click affiliate programs” and you find many of them. Then select the banners that are most appropriate for your website. Perhaps there are stores that sell chocolates that offer pay per click and any type that also enhances your website. These do not necessarily have to be theme-oriented.

There are search engines including job search engines that are similar to the pay per click. You are paid whenever people make use of these search engines. Invite your website visitors to make use of your search engine or search engines to find additonal information on chocolate and/or any other information. Everytime visitors make use of your search engine, this adds revenue to your website.

Classified ad portals. You can have a classified ad portal put on your website, and whenever anyone makes use of your portal to place a classified ad, then this generates revenue for your website. There are a number of classified ad affiliate programs that you can join.

Chocolate affiliate programs. You should also join any affiliate programs that sell chocolates, so that you can also offer your chocoate enthusiasts chocolates from the gourmet variety to ordinary chocolates. From Chocolates.com to Candy Direct.

Join a link exchange affiliate program. Some are free, others charge money. For the ones that charge money, you’ll recieve a percentage if clients make use of your link exchange. Of course you can also make use of the free link exchanges just to generate more traffic to your website. There are also money-making traffic exchanges that you can use.

These are just a few of the ways of earning money for your website. You do not have to be a “store” in the traditional sense to generate revenue for your website. For additonal information, use your search engine. Make your website a money-making website.

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