My Nokia 6010 Cell Phone

My cell phone is one product that I purchased that I would have a difficult time living without. I purchased a Nokia Cell Phone through Cingular Wireless several years ago. Recently I was able to upgrade it to a Nokia 6010, which is one of the newest ones they had at the time I purchased it. I like this particular phone because it wasn’t expensive and because of the plan that I have with it. I have 5,000 minutes in the evening and weekends, which is basically unlimited long distant calls, and I have rollover minutes. My time is limited during the day to 450 minutes, but with the rollover minutes, it helps.

A user guide comes with the phone that is easy to read and understand. The pictures that go along with the explanation also help you understand how to use this fantastic phone. The price is also a plus. It’s cheaper than a flip phone and just as great.
If you need to organize your life better, then you will like the organizer feature. It will help you organize your life. Also, if you have Instant Messenger on your computer, you will enjoy the feature on your phone. You can check your instant messages.
The gallery feature is the place where you can set up different folders and store information in these folders. This will help you organize the information you need to store on your cell phone. The organizer also helps you organize your life because it has an alarm clock, calendar, and a to-do list.

Do you enjoy playing games? If you are, then you will enjoy the games that are on this cell phone.
If you miss calls, then you don’t have to worry. This phone has voice mail. You can check your missed calls.
The main reason I purchased my cell phone was for emergencies or for long distance calls. It has helped me to feel a more secure when I ran errands or left town. I haven’t used all of the features of this phone, yet since I purchased it this year. I am getting used to the features. It is similar to the one I had, which was Nokia, but it is different in the basic use of the phone. However, I still like the new phone and couldn’t be without it.

You will enjoy this great phone and the features.

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