Find the Best Laptop for Your Needs

Whether you’re looking to buy a laptop for work or school, different models offer different types of things. Laptops range from normally $800.00 to $2400.00 with some a little more or less. You really want a laptop that’s going to produce what you want it too at it’s best. Obviously if you’re a business man a stronger computer than what you would need is going to do the job great, but there is no need to spend the extra money on that “extra” power. A gamer on the other hand would want a powerful machine, so spending the extra dough would be worth it.

Getting started… A few things to start when looking to buy a new laptop are making sure the laptop is reliable. You really don’t want a laptop that’s going to work for a couple of weeks then donk out on you, so make sure the laptop has good credibility. One way you can check up on this is looking online at a few reviews similar to the ones I write. People who have experienced the laptops before can explain to whoever it is interested in buying them how they work and what they’re all about. Many people actually look for portability also. What this means is how light the laptop is and how easy it is to carry around from place to place. Some laptops are just bricks, but hold more information. But if you’re a business man who travels, there are laptops that a very very light and hold just enough information that it wouldn’t be a problem for you. They also can run off a battery much longer. Features which is a huge plus in a laptop is another large thing people look at. Many people look at how many USB ports the laptop has, whether or not it has a DVD\CD burner, whether or not the speakers on the laptop are high quality, etc. Believe it or not but the speakers can make a big difference in a laptop. Sound is important and when looking for a laptop that has great sound, look for Altec Lansing or something along those lines.

What about maintenence and upgrades? I thought putting this in a seperate category would be much better since the outcome is quite similar. Many people who purchase a laptop don’t even look down the road. You’re bound to either drop your laptop or spill something on it that might just put it out of commission, so you’ll need to get it fixed. A lot of companies charge either a lot of money with out warranty or make you wait month after month, but there are laptop companies that are extremely quick, so when purchasing a laptop make sure to ask the salesperson what the warranty program is. Upgrades which are usually put out rather fast should be on your mind especially if you’re a gamer. Games come out all the time and need stronger parts every time they are updated so upgrades are extremely important, and laptops can be a pain to upgrade, unless you know what you’re doing. Sometimes a laptop is just too old to upgrade so you should buy a new one, but a good one doesn’t need to be trashed so make sure you’re looking in this category also.

Looking at all of these different needs might make you go crazy when purchasing a laptop, but in the end it will help you. Basically all this article is trying to tell you is… Find the right laptop for you. If you’re a business man or college student, a powerhouse normally isn’t needed, but if you’re a gamer, find the best one possible, with the best hardware, because believe me, you’ll need it.

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