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Instead of the hassles and risk of Ebay auctions or selling out right you can go to a website that has trading of PC and console games as well as selling and buying outright. There is still the risk of trading with people who may try to rip you off but you are not really the one who is taking the risk, it’s the other guys who are trading with you that are risking their games.

It goes like this; people sign up with the site and start out with a bio and page for their information and what games, dvds, music cds and books they want to trade. You then check out what people want to trade for your stuff and offer them a trade. When someone wants to trade you simply conclude the trade in the manner they want. Since they are taking the risk of trading with a newcomer to the site they get to choose how the items are mailed and who sends first, ie. Media mail with delivery confirmation, priority mail or whatever. As far as the who sends first part the person with more trades will probably want you to send your game first. Then when he gets his shipment and verifies you have done your part of a good trade he will send his to you.

There are quite a few options from the post office to mail stuff and that is how things are sent back and forth, through the US post office. When you send your stuff you should always use delivery confirmation, it only costs fifty cents or so. That way the other person knows where the package is. When your item gets there the other person checks it over and then mails your package to you the same way. Before the trade on your items page you check the condition of each game disc and you better be honest about any scratches or damage. They will certainly comment if you were not forthcoming with any damage to a game disc.

Once the trade is complete you both get to rate the other trader and make any comments about the trade. Of course there are risks and any trader can rip you off but it usually would not happen too often as you get to read all the comments and ratings of all traders right on their bio page. You can see how many years some of the people have been trading and how they have done at their trades. It is a really great site and set up with honest trading as a standard.

The one site I started trading at is called Game Trading Zone and the second one I have traded once at is called Trade Games Now. Both sites are nice and have been running for awhile, Game Trading Zone for over eight years and Trade Games Now has been up for over four years. They both warn about not trading two newcomers as you both do not have a reputation of good trading yet but even this is a low risk in my opinion. If someone wants to be ripping people off he will not be doing it on one of these smaller sites and he will not be doing it for long. The rating system will show any bad trades and getting someone to trade with you after a dispute will be rather hard. I have found that people want to be honest on these sites and most are. You can be sure that traders with years of good trading are there for just that, good honest trading.

I like the Game Trading Zone a little better than Trade Games Now but both sites are good for PC games, console games, DVDs and other trading in an honest and well managed system. The Game Trading Zone has a better computer system for searching and matching trades but Trade Games Now works well enough and also has a large number of traders. Both sites have over 3000 active traders, meaning they have signed on to the site in the last two months.

Both sites only allow you to have one user to trade per email address and I know that Game Trading Zone checks to see if users who have been banned from one city are trying to restart with a new email address and name in the same city. You could cheat if you wanted to but the effort of getting a new email address and creating a new name and such just would not be worth the effort. One thing you have to remember is the mailing address of the recipient of the package has to be a valid US post office address. So someone would have to rent a post office box or have another address to mail a package to in the town they live, not worth the effort and expense. You might as well go buy the games at GameStop or some other used game place.

Game trading, especially for PC games is a pretty good deal at both the sites, Game Trading Zone and Trade Games Now. You can trade console games at some stores like GameStop, but not PC games. This is a very good way to get new games that you want for the games you are no longer play and a pretty safe method of going about it. You can be sure that guys with years of good trading will not all of a sudden go bad and rip you off. Not if they want to continue to take advantage of a good thing. So go to both site and trade those used games for ones you want. Here are links to the sites, Good Trading.

Game Trading Zone:
Trade Games Now:

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