The Top Cell Phones on Todays Market

When it comes time to choose a cell phone it can be a nerve racking and stressful process. I am here to help. Don’t get caught up in the TV commercial hoopla and pretty and colorful ads you see, look at the fact and the features you need.

I will start with Verizon, if you have Verizon or are going to be getting Verizon in the next few weeks to months the top 2 phones are the LG V 9800, the Motorola Q and the Motorola Razr V3m (or V3c is you can find it) these are the best 3 phones verizon offers for a few different reasons. If you like to text message and will be doing so on a daily basis, lets say more then 10 texts a day and you like or don’t mind not having clamshell type phones then I would go with the LG V 9800. It has a flip up keyboard that makes for easily text input. It also features Bluetooth and a very good camera, and it features 2 screens, one for the texting/internet browsing mode and the other for when the phone is closed and talking. If texting, web browsing from you phone and clamshell phones are not your thing then I recommend the Motorola V3 Razr. The razor, v3c and v3m are slick, thin, flip phones that feature Bluetooth and a camera, the v3m was recently released and it allows one to put in a memory card for music storage. The V3 is a great phone with many features but it is also user friendly and truly fits into your pocket. I have not used the Q myself but it is a thin, more advanced pda phone geared towards someone looking to have a data plan, check their email on their phone and browse the Internet. The Q is not for everyone, it has advanced features and many of them do not work unless you have a data plan. All three phones feature speakerphone.

Moving on, if you have T-mobile for your service provider there are 3 phones that you should consider are The Sidekick 3, the Motorola Razr and the Samsung t-809. The Sidekick 3 has Bluetooth, wireless modem capabilities, very good battery life (about 260 mins of talk time) a large phone booth, memory expansion capabilities (Mini SD) and music playing capabilities. The Sidekick 3 also features a large screen and full keyboard for easy texting and web browsing. The Motorola Razr is slim, lightweight, has great battery life, and supports Bluetooth, speakerphone, a camera and more. Finally the Samsung t809, it is a slider phone that features Bluetooth, speakerphone, a big phone book, a camera and more.

If you have Cingular you should look into the Motorola V3 Razr, the Nokia 6102, the Sony Ericsson Z525a and the BlackBerry 7130c..

The Motorola V3 is Small, thin and lightweight, it has an impressive list of features, including a speakerphone and Bluetooth. The Nokia 6102 is a simple yet good sturdy clamshell phone with many features, including: Infrared and Bluetooth, a speakerphone, a camera and good battery life, its resembles a basic phone and nowadays this is as basic as you get, the features are present if you don’t need them they will wait around until you do. The Sony Ericsson Z525a is a great phone with top-notch features and incredible battery life, Talk Time up to 12 hours and Standby Time up to 16 days, just so you know most phones talk times are 3 hours. This phone also features a camera, cingulars ptt and Bluetooth. If you are in the market for a PDA phone then look no further then the BlackBerry 7130c. With this phone you can check your email, send emails with attachments, browse the Internet, send various types of text messages, it has a large screen and customizable ringtones.

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