Oakley Sunglasses You Can Listen To: THUMP, THUMP 2 & RAZRWIRE

Oakley THUMP Sunglasses

Tired of MP3 players that you carry on your waist, with bothersome wires and earphones that you have to carry with you everywhere? Looking for something slimmer, sleeker, that let’s you listen to music without causing any extra distraction?

Oakley’s line of wearable electronics has the solution for you: Oakley THUMP. Providing all the quality and cool of Oakley sunglasses with the newest in digital audio technology, Oakley has created a pair of sunglasses that doubles as a portable MP3 player.

If you are a fan of A&E’s reality show hit, Dog: The Bounty Hunter, you will have noticed his sunglasses. Dog sports a pair of Oakley THUMP sunglasses, and wears them wherever he goes. What music is Dog playing in the background as he hunts down the bad guys? Only Dog knows.

With the Oakley THUMP sunglasses you get all the quality that you would expect from a pair of Oakley’s. Optimized optics to create maximum clarity of vision in all directions, even at lens periphery. Their patented Plutonite lens material that blocks out UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light. You can even add the option of polarized lenses.

What Oakley THUMP also provides that you will find nowhere else is a high quality MP3 player. THUMP comes in two standards of MP3 player technology, the smaller holds 256 Mb of music, the other holds 512 Mb, providing storage for up to 6 hours of listening pleasure.

The portable audio components of the glasses are easily detachable, so they can be removed whenever you feel the need. Even when on the glasses, the sunglasses remain lightweight, weighing in at under 2 ounces to maximize comfort. The sunglasses also come in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the design that best suits you.

Oakley THUMP 2 Sunglasses

With the success of the THUMP sunglasses, Oakley also developed THUMP 2, a new design for the sunglasses. THUMP 2 also comes with the option of holding up to 1 GB of data in storage, almost double that of the 512 THUMP. With 1 GB of storage you can hold up to 240 songs in your sunglasses at any time.

THUMP 2 also sports a couple of extra features over the THUMP, including a three-color indicator light to inform you of the state of battery life in the glasses. Quality of the eyewear as well as sound quality remain at the same high levels designed for the THUMP.

Both the Oakley THUMP and THUMP 2 sunglasses start their pricing at $299 for the 256 Mb size. 512 Mb costs $349, while the 1 GB THUMP 2 costs $449. While somewhat expensive, the price includes what are widely hailed as the best sunglasses on the planet as well as the newest in digital music technology.

Oakley RAZRWIRE Sunglasses

To add to their line of wearable electronics, Oakley teamed up with cellular giant Motorola to develop RAZRWIRE. RAZRWIRE is a blending of traditional hands-free cellphone headsets with Oakley sunglasses, giving you ease of use as well as high-style.

RAZRWIRE uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your cellphone. Bluetooth is one of the recognized leaders of the wireless revolution, providing the highest quality for your sunglasses cellphone headset. RAZRWIRE supports both Bluetooth 1.2 and Bluetooth 1.1.

Using the RAZRWIRE sunglasses you can easily take calls and handle a number of cellphone features without ever laying fingers on your phone. It is the ultimate in ease of use combined with the ultimate in style. Like the THUMP line, RAZRWIRE comes in a variety of colors allowing you to pick the glasses that best suit you. Prices start at $245.

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