Dell Dimension 4400 Desktop Computer Review

My Dell Dimension 4400 Desktop Computer is among the many items I would put on a list of things I own that I could not live without. This computer is used for work and play and is always on.

I am self-employed, currently working on writing articles for several internet sites. Without my Dell Dimension Computer, this would be impossible. Almost all aspects of this work is done with help from the computer. I can find topics to write about, research the topics and prepare the article for print using my Dell. I also get paid for my work on the internet and by using my Dell I can keep up with my pay, transfer it to my bank account or even spend it.

The computer offers an unlimited amount of opportunities for play. Using my Dell, I can play games, which are conveniently downloaded on it. I enjoy playing card games such as Skipbo, Uno and hearts. The computer opens a whole other world of play if it is connected to the internet. Games on the internet are unlimited. There are free ones, ones to try and games to buy. Generally, I play the games found on Yahoo. There are many to choose from on this site, giving you an idea of how many are actually out there on the World Wide Web.

Most of my family and friends have computers with internet connections. This enables us to all stay connected with each other. I have the opportunity to keep my friends and family in my life with just the click of my mouse. I can send them messages and pictures or even talk to them even though they are miles away from my family and I, all without running up a phone bill.

Shopping has never been easier. My Dell Dimensions 4400 allows me to shop anytime I choose. My purchases are also delivered straight to my door or at least to the Post Office. I have even been known to buy all my Christmas presents online, no more standing in long lines trying to checkout. The only problem is getting to the UPS truck before my kids get to it.

Paying bills on-line with my Dell Dimension Computer is another of the many tasks that I find convenient by using my computer. Just like shopping, bill paying can be done anytime. I pay my telephone bills, electric bill, car insurance and XM satellite radio all on-line. I can even check the balance in my bank account on-line.

Staying informed is probably the most important reason I depend on my Dell Dimension 4400 Computer. I have access to weather and news 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The amount of information available is not only news and weather, but is anything you need to know more information about. There is no limit.
As you can tell, I spend numerous hours on my Dell Dimension 4400 computer. This time is spent working, playing, keeping up with friends and family, shopping, paying bills and staying informed. I would be totally lost without it. In fact, it even went with me when we evacuated for Hurricane Rita.

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