Review of the iClear for iPod with Video from Griffin

The iClear for iPod with video is a clear scratch resistant case made to protect your iPod with video from daily wear and tear. We have all dropped our iPod, knocked it into something while walking down the street, and even had it shoot across the treadmill while we were squeezing in a little exercise. The iClear from Griffin is the perfect answer to the daily knicks, bangs, and general abuses that we bestow upon our iPods with video.

How to Use the iClear

To install the iClear over your ipod simple place the clear front panel over the front of your iPod. It is easy to tell which is the front piece because of the circle cut out of the front, which gives you access to the control panel on your iPod. The iClear comes with 2 back panels that snap onto the front panel, protecting your iPod from all sides. One back panel is thinner and one is thicker, making the iClear perfect for both the 30GB or 60GB video iPods.

To remove your iPod simple insert any coin into either notch on the bottom corners of the iClear and pop out your iPod. The instruction on the package say a quarter works best, but any coin is easy to use. I was able to pop it apart with my fingernails.

I have a cat that likes to knock anything small off of the counter when I am not looking. He knocked my iPod off twice in one day and the iClear did not fall off. It didn’t even get a scratch.

Visual Appeal

The iClear is exactly what it says. A clear plastic case. The case is scratch resistant polycarbonate to be exact. The polycarbonate is thin and seems to be very durable. The iClear actually made my iPod look new again. It added barely any size at all to my iPod and made it appear super shiny. My favorite feature of the iClear has to be the visual appeal. It is sleek and almost looks like a piece of glass.

You are able to see your iPod screen clearly through the iClear. There are easy access cut outs over the earphone plugs access and charging port, so you do not have to remove the iClear for any reason accept to clean it.

My iClear got a little smudge of ice cream on it (while I was not on the treadmill). To clean it I removed it from my iPod and then sprayed it with a little Windex. Even though the case said it was scratch resistant I used a soft cotton rag to clean it. The ice cream came off immediately and easily. Best of all my iPod was protected and didn’t have to suffer any more wear and tear. I like this is easy to clean feature because I ride a lot of public transportation and use my iPod while on them. Now I can wash the case off when I get home and not worry about any cold germs and bacteria lingering on my iPod.


The iClear is almost completely weightless. It added no noticeable weight to my iPod. In fact, except for the fact that I could see the case, it made no discernable difference to my iPod at all.


The iClear for iPod with video costs $19.99 and is well worth it. I would readily pay $20 to protect my investment, avoid some germs, and make my iPod look shiny and new again.

Overall I would say that the iClear is a great investment for anyone who owns an iPod with video. I have used those little leather cases, and this product is just better. Griffin hit the nail on the head with this iPod accessory. It is a completely hard shell of protection, scratch resistant, easy to clean, and best of all matches every style.

If I could make one improvement to the iClear from Griffin it would be the addition of a clip so that I could attach it to my belt. I know everyone doesn’t like to do that, but some people do. You should be able to get years of use out of your iPod with the addition of the iClear. I wish I had something just like it for my cell phone. It has enough knicks and scratches to make me wonder how it stays put together.

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