Ebay – What to Do when You Have Won an Item You No Longer Want

“What If I Won an Ebay Auction, but No Longer Want the Item?”

Sometimes Ebay members will bid prematurely, then later decide, after they have won the bid, that they would rather not have the item. But a bid is a contract, so unless the member can work something out with the seller, the contract is binding, and the sell is final.

Sometimes mistakes are made, or there are circumstances beyond the member’s control, that have prevented them from making prompt payment. Many sellers on Ebay are willing to work with the buyer, if the buyer will communicate with them openly, and the buyer is honest. If you cannot make payment, or no longer want the item, it is a good idea to request the seller’s information, and call them on the phone. Let them know what is going on, and where things stand. Often things can be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the buyer must make payment. Failing to purchase the item could result in negative feedback, an Unpaid Item Strike on your account, and it could result in you being blocked by sellers from bidding on their merchandise. Too many Unpaid Item Strikes in a short period of time can get a member permanently suspended from purchasing from Ebay auctions.

Sometimes when the buyer communicates effectively with the buyer, an agreement can be worked out between the two parties. But a bid on Ebay is a binding contract. If the seller will not excuse the transaction, the buyer must pay the debt in order to avoid further actions being taken.

Removing an Unpaid Item Strike

Sometimes an Ebay member will win a bid, but then they do not pay for their item. When this happens, the buyer has the option to file a complaint. The member who did not pay will receive an Unpaid Item Strike. There are three ways an Ebay member can get an Unpaid Item Strike removed.

An Ebay member can get an Unpaid Item Strike removed if the seller removes it them self, if payment proof is provided to Ebay, or if proof can be provided that the seller excused you of the transaction. Proof of payment should be a copy of a check or money order, or a copy of payment confirmation from Paypal. If the seller has excused the transaction through an email conversation, those emails can be used as proof, and the Unpaid Item Strike will be removed. Also, if the seller left you positive feedback for the transaction, that is also acceptable proof to get an Unpaid Item Strike removed.

A member who wants to have an Unpaid Item Strike removed can provide the proof to Ebay a few different ways. The proof can be faxed, sent via postal mail, or the member can fill out an Unpaid Item Bidder Appeal form via Ebay’s official web page.

Lastly, if the member did not pay for the item for a good reason, they can appeal to the buyer. The buyer can have the Unpaid Item Strike removed, as well.

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