How to Clean Your Notebook Computer

Tools You Will Need to Clean Your Notebook Computer

These are the basic tools you will need to clean your notebook computer:

Soft cloth An old cotton t-shirt, for example. The softer the better.
Cotton swabs Any kind will do (as long as they haven’t been used!)
Can of compressed air and/or vacuum cleaner with brush attachment

Optional items for cleaning your notebook computer:

Microfiber dust cloth
Cleaning solution
LCD screen cleaning solution, eyeglass cleaning solution, or you can make your own with 1 part isopropyl alcohol and 1 part water (50/50 solution).

Before cleaning your notebook computer ensure that it is off. You might also want to unplug anything that might be plugged in (power cords, monitors, phone lines, etc.).

How to Clean Your Notebook Computer Case

Your notebook computer’s case is generally the easiest part to clean. It is also very likely the dirtiest part of your computer.

If your computer’s case is very dusty, you’ll want to start with a dusting. A microfiber dust cloth works best here but is not required. You can just go over the notebook computer with a soft rag to get the worst of the dust off of the case.

Dust in the fan vents can be a problem with the running of your computer. Use the cotton swabs to gently remove the dust from these areas. Care is needed here, as you could inadvertently shove the dust further into your computer. You can also use a can of compressed air to get the dust out.

To get rid of built in dirt or grime on the case, dampen a soft cloth. The operative word here is damp. Wring it out thoroughly then wipe down the computer case. You can also dampen a cotton swab to better clean out the fan vents.

You can also use a cleaning solution instead of just plain water to clean the case. Different cleansers will work, however a simple solution of isopropyl alcohol and water works well. Make sure to never apply a cleanser directly to the notebook computer. Apply it only to the cloth, and make sure that the cloth is not soaking in it. You only want to get it damp. Use this to wipe down the computer.

A damp cloth is also used to clean the touchpad mouse. Use a cotton swab to get the sides and in the corners of the touchpad mouse. Be gentle when cleaning the buttons, you don’t want to damage them through the use of excessive force when cleaning them.

How to Clean Your Notebook Computer Keyboard

Keyboards have a tendency to get cluttered up with hair and dust. While notebook computers are known for being pretty resilient, after a while this can cause damage to your keyboard. Dust and hair can gunk up the keys rendering them inoperative.

Opinions vary on the best way to clean the keyboard. For the tops of the keys, a damp cloth or cotton swab like you used to clean the case works fine. To clean out the dust and hair from underneath the keyboard there are a couple of options.

Some suggest that you use a can of compressed air to clean out the keyboard. This works quite well. However if you’re not careful the compressed air can push the dust and hair further into the inner workings of your computer and cause even more damage. This is not a good thing.

Using a vacuum cleaner on a light setting sucks the dirt and hair out. Use a brush attachment so you don’t mark up the keyboard with the vacuum and use it over the keyboard. This should clean up the majority of the dirt and hair that has finagled its way into your notebook computer keyboard.

How to Clean Your Notebook Computer Screen

Cleaning the LCD screen on your notebook computer is the trickiest part. LCD screens are great things but they are very touchy and they don’t like to be touched. You also do not want to get your LCD screen wet.

The best thing to do first is to give the screen a dusting. Like with the casing a microfiber dust cloth works excellently here, but is not required.

After you’ve dusted the screen, you can clean it with a damp cloth. Take extra care here to ensure that the cloth is only damp, and not wet. You want it moist but you do not want to leave any water whatsoever on the screen as this can damage it.

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