Top Ten Toys for 18-25 Year Olds

There are so many crazy and fun toys out there that it is sometimes hard to figure out one would want from such a wide selections of cool toys. Hopefully this list will narrow it down a little bit and give you an idea of what there is out that there that a lot of people want to have these days.

1. Portable Gaming Unit – Portable systems like the PSP or Nintendo DS are recommended for pretty much any guy (or girl) that has the time for it. The only warning I would give is that they may get TOO attached to it.

2. CD/MP3 Player – Music is a great thing for activities such as traveling, waiting, or exercising. If the device requires batteries or extra memory, don’t forget to include them. Before shopping for one, consider what he/she wants as far capacity, battery life, usability, size, and features.

3. Cell Phone – Anything with a camera, text messaging capability, and stylish design is good enough for those who just want to join in the with the “cell phone crowd”. If there is a particular model with certain features that they want, go for that. Some people don’t like too much technology or “fancy stuff”, so sticking with the basics for this group of people is the way to go.

4. Computer Games – Go for the popular games. Easiest way to figure this out is ask others who are gamers. Visit sites like and to get ideas for what the best games will be. They organize them into categories, so make sure you find out what kind of games they like to play. Some people like strategy games, some like racing games, some like first-person shooters, etc.

5. LEGOS – Legos are fun way to pass the time and can even become a hobby. They come in boxes with different difficulty levels and have instructions on how to build them.

6. Nerf Guns – Nerf Guns are great because they are safe and fun. The ones they have out nowadays are huge and look like something straight from a video game and can be modified to one’s liking.

7. Digital Camera – Good for artists, photographers, travelers, or just people who get out a lot and like to capture memories. These can be hard to shop for, as they have various features and the range of the cost is huge. However, it is a great gift and very usefulâÂ?¦ it can also be used as a hobby and the pictures can be imported into image editing programs which provide lots of room for creativity.

8. Electronic Keyboard – Great for inspiring musicians. Good way to practice with various tunes and styles. Newer keyboards offer many ways of educating new musicians as well as various other features that allow even beginners to create awesome sounding music.

9. TiVo or Personal Video Recorder – No one just watches regular TV anymore, instead they “TiVo” it. With this device, someone who is too busy to watch a particular show at a certain time can just set this device to record it to watch whenever they feel like it. Newer styles offer capabilities such as automatic programming, multimedia playing, and various other tools that guarantee anyone who uses it once will never want to go back to watching TV normally again.

10. Satellite Radio – Customized radio at the push of a button. It’s also commercial free. It also offers a wide variety of radio stations from all the over the world.

Hopefully these ideas will get some ideas flowing in your head about what this particular age group might enjoy. Just remember that the hardest part of getting them what they want is finding out what particular kind they want, since these toys come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Best way to find out is to ask them or someone they know, as well as doing your research. But hey, if all else fails – go for the gift certificates or the accessories!

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