Top Digital Video Cameras Under $400

A video camera can be a great way to capture your family’s memories. Digital video cameras let you not only record special events, but now with the help of a computer you can upload your video to your computer and edit it, or even send video clips and movie to friends through email.

There are literally hundreds of different video cameras on the market today with tons of different features and tons of different price tags. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a fantastic video camera. Here are a few excellent video cameras with less than a $400 price tag.

Canon ZR600

The Canon ZR600 is a wonderful compact camcorder with a 25x optical and 800x digital zoom. The camcorder has image stabilization to keep your picture steady even when you are not as well as a built in digital still camera that will allow you to take digital photos in addition to your video that can be uploaded onto your computer and sent to friends and family via the internet. This particular camcorder will allow you to shoot photos simultaneously with video so you don’t have to stop recording when you want to take a picture.

The camcorder has lots of built in features including a good number of shooting modes such as sunset, snow, spotlight, fireworks, and sport that make shooting easier when you are in different shooting conditions with your camcorder.

Sony DCR-HC36

This minidv camcorder by Sony has a 20x optical and 800x digital zoom as well as a 2.5 inch touch panel LCD screen. The touch panel LCD screen makes it so you use the screen to navigate through your menus rather than buttons and knobs on the camcorder itself. The touch panel is often easier for people to navigate through, and can allow you to keep recording while looking for the right button to push.

For low light situations this Sony camcorder has a super night shot that uses infared technology to give you the best picture possible when there is not much light available This camcorder like others in this price range has image stabilization to compensate for camcorder movement as well.

If you would like to edit your video on your camcorder or add special effects this camcorder has fading effects built in you can add to your vide while shooting, as well as things like sepia, mosaic, and black and white.


If you are looking for a digital camcorder with a lot of zoom to offer look no further than this JVC camcorder. This camcorder model has a 32x optical zoom, and a 800x digital zoom for shooting great video even when you’re far away from your subject.
The camcorder has a good deal of wipes and fades built in for on board editing, as well as a pretty decent microphone system for sound recording. Auto exposure settings will keep you shooting great vide no matter where your camcorder takes you.

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