Make Money Blogging!

You’ve seen the ads: “Make money by blogging today!” You click on the link and are directed towards an e-book that claims to make you hundreds just by blogging. What is involved with making money by writing blogs?

A blog is an online journal. Usually one person writes the blog. Blog topics range from party planning to politics. Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon. In the last year it has really taken off. Many people are writing their own personal blogs that are viewed by family and friends.

Beginner blogging is really quite easy. What you need to do is think of a topic that you are familiar with and enjoy talking about. Then you need to find some blogging software where you can enter your text. There are many types of blogging software available, and some are even free. Do a Google search on blogging software and find something that is easy for you to understand and has the look you want. Then you need to enter your text, and tell your friends and family about your new blog.

In order to make money with your blog, you will need to have advertising on it. Many advertisers partner with Google to get their ads linked to blogs that have certain keywords in them. The advertiser pays Google each time a reader clicks on their ad. Part of this fee Google will share with the owner of the site where the ad appears. So if you use Google ads, you will need to have plenty of traffic to your site. If you do not want to have ads on your blog, you might want to look into Amazon Associates. Amazon offers bloggers the opportunity to link their content to products that are sold on Amazon. For instance, if you choose to make a blog entry on a movie you have just watched, you can link to Amazon’s site where they sell that movie. If a reader clicks on the link and purchases the product, you will get a percentage (between 3 and 10 percent) of the purchase price. This could be a great revenue source if your blog focused on book, movie, or other product reviews!

No amount of advertising, however, is going to bring in revenue unless you have traffic on your site. There are many creative ways to generate traffic. You will want to begin with your friends and family. Spread the word that you are writing a blog, and ask them to pass the word around. This is especially effective if your blog topics are something your friends are interested in as well. Another way to drive traffic to your blog is to link to other blogs. Most bloggers offer other bloggers the opportunity to share links. You can do this by searching for other blogs in the same topic field as your blog and asking them to share links. If you get your link on a few popular blogs, it will greatly increase your blog traffic.

These are just a few ideas on how to make money blogging. Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon, and it is highly feasible that in the next few years, the money-making opportunities will explode!

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