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I usually tend to support the little guys, the mom and pop companies instead of the large corporate companies who are nearly monopolizing their industry, but I must say that The website for Amazon deserves the leading role that it has had for so long now. The website for Amazon is such a great marketplace to find virtually anything now (it used to be just books but now has 34 categories), from clothes to movies to antique furniture if you so desire it. What is best about the website for Amazon and company, though, is the ability to purchase used items if you want to save a little money. People can list their items on the website for whatever price they want to set and within minutes, their product is available for all Amazon browsers to now have the option to buy. (And the process is extremely simple and easy to follow- I’ve done it many times).

Those wishing to purchase a used item also can do so with great ease. The website for Amazon’s interface, graphics and overall layout and design make it a cinch to buy something used and it seems that they even go the extra mile to promote these alternate items. All you have to do is pull up the description for a product you wish to purchase and right there on top of the page, next to the regular, brand new price, is a quote for the lowest priced used item that is available of that same product. You then simply click on that link and it takes you to the list of used items, which is designed really well in order to allow you to have full knowledge of what it is you are getting. For the used prices are listed on the left, from lowest to highest and in the columns to the right are the name of the seller (including an attached link to his or her feedback comments) and a description of the item’s quality. It is up to the seller to advertise his or her product correctly on the website for Amazon, and state whether the book, for instance has highlights, faded or torn pages or a crease in the cover. If they fail to do so and the customer is unhappy, the website for Amazon will refund their money for the purchase without even requesting the item back. The website for Amazon is really a convenient and customer service focused company and website and I really enjoy using it.

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