The Race for the Moon

By 2050 we hope to colonize the moon. In recent news there have even been those who hope to reserve mineral rights on the moon. What’s leading to this new interest in the lunar surface? Perhaps there’s something in the business buzz we don’t know about. Could we be planning a venture to colonize the moon? And what can we expect as colonists on the moon?

The New Frontier

Can humans scratch out a living on the harsh surface of the moon despite the merciless conditions? The sun is hotter than the Sahara during the day and shade colder than the Antarctica and the vacuum of space that can kill in minutes. But in the rugged regions at the lunar South Pole scientists believe conditions would be ideal for colonization of bustling settlements of human inhabitants. Could corporations and nations be competing against one another today for precious mineral rights to the moon tomorrow?

Why We Want the Moon?

Exploiting the moon’s resources for profit has been a dream of ours since we first set foot on the moon nearly a half century ago. The moon not only has corporate potential but military and scientific potential as well. Science fiction is now science fact. People are already making this dream of lunar colonization a reality. Around the globe a scientific league of nations is working toward a race for the first colony on the moon. But what would it take to transform the surface of the moon from an alien world to an extension of earth?

Who Will Own the Moon?

The first human outpost on the moon would be our first decisive step towards becoming a space-faring species. But whose moon would it be? India, China, Russia, Japan, Europe and the United States all are vying for the prize. But the competition is not simply among nations, entrepreneurs are also in the race. With 1200 billionaires on the planet that possess the wealth to accomplish what only nations once could do. With the right technology and scientific minds employed these wealthy individuals have a real shot at the moon.

In the coming months we will certainly see more in our media as these nations and wealthy groups reveal more about their plans for the colonization of the moon. The mission is real and the major players are prepared. We expect to have a major announcement on our planned moon colonization missions by mid 2014.

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