Using A Net Presence to Promote Your Offline Company

Of course there are numerous online businesses. Many that are exclusively web-based and do not have a storefront. However, if you are a storefront, an offline company, you should nevertheless consider having a web presence to help to promote your offline store. This web presence can be used simply to promote your store, where customers must still go to your offline store to purchase goods and products, as certain grocery stores. Or clients may actually order your offline products online, as certain other grocery stores. Nevertheless “web presence” should be added to your advertising and marketing tools.

Your web presence can be handled by professional web design companies that specialize in web presence for storefronts. May of these can be found online by putting in any of the online search engines “net presence.” These companies are set up specifically to help specially offline/storefront companies have a web presence to help generate a greater customer base.

Of course you can design your own web presence. First you need a domain name. Usually your registered company name and your registered domain name are the same, but they don’t have to be. You would then need to select a web host. These can be from the free and low-cost web hosts to the more expensive web hosts.

In designing your website consider your online image. What is your logo? If you have a logo for your offline company, then you might select the same online logo or a different one. Think web design. Study other websites, especially those in your area of interest. Food, travel, advertising, musical instruments, etc. What information can you provide? Do you have a catalog that can be reprinted online? If you want to sell your products online, then you would need a shopping cart. What about merchant credit cards? Web content? There are numerous free web content providers and/or you can do the copywriting for your own web content. Then think marketing. What are all of the online marketing resources? Search engines, ezines, link exchanges, classifieds. promotional products. Do you want an affiliate program to help sell your products? Then research the numerous affiliate networks? Shareasale, clickbank?

Of course this is just an outline to get your started and get you thinking. If you have an offline store, a storefront, and do not have a web presence, then think of having a web presence. Think of ways in which you can integrate the online and offline worlds to increase and enhance your customer base.

And if you are an online entrepreneur considering a new product to offer, you might consider net presence and net design for offline companies. Maybe there are offline companies in your local area that have never thought of having a website. Maybe become they only sell their products locally as just retail items, or whatever their reasoning. You can even encourage their local company by using the web to go national and even international. In fact the internet offers its own type of “franchising” via offering products nationally and internationally, affiliate marketing, self-duplicating websites,etc. Things that often local companies do not always think about or if they do think about think perhaps its too costly for their company to consider. But there are many creative ways blending the online and offline entrepreneurial worlds.

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