Buying Guide: Riedel Wine Glasses

Featured as Austria’s most coveted wine glass, Riedel Wine glasses are the luxury line designed to enhance your favorite wine by the glass. The Riedel concept of wine tumblers without stems has gained favor and appeal across the world, with its unique proposition; taste and enjoy your wines in their finest form and as an entirely new experience. Both European and U.S. enthusiasts affirm that a wine tasted out of a Riedel glass is a unique experience; it reportedly tastes different, smells different, and simply feels extraordinary.

You don’t have to be a wine sommelier to enjoy the exquisite detail and refined stature of the Riedel stemless glasses. The ‘O’ collection is the featured line from Riedel, and can be found amongst other light, tumbler-style, stemless glassware. The difference with Riedel is the non-lead crystal composition. Since the stems are ‘missing’, the glass can serve as a casual tumbler with a touch of modern and contemporary flair.

Riedel wine glasses designed without the stems encourage the drinker to hold the glass in a new way. The wine within the glass is allowed to flow, ‘breathe’, and simply rest in a different form as the height of the glass creates a new ‘environment.’ Described as ‘Casual but elegant’ by Wine Enthusiast, a complete set of 12 glasses can be purchased for approximately $110. The set includes two each of Bordeaux, Chardonnay, Burgundy, Riesling, White Burgundy, and Syrah/Shiraz glasses and is packaged beautifully in Riedel’s signature box. The glasses are dishwasher safe, but it is ideal to hand-wash these for safety and overall care. The Riedel ‘O’ line is also available in sets of two glasses; a set of Crystal Spirit of ‘O’ Tumblers can be purchased for approximately $14.95-$19.99 online.

The exclusive Riedel ‘O’ line is actually the first glass in the growing series launched by Maximillian Riedel, the 11th generation successor of the family and company. The Riedel company itself is a family-owned and operated brand. Riedel has been in business for over 300 years, and carries a legacy of Bohemian and European roots from 1678. The European roots in Austria trace back to 1756, with eleven generations working through the development of the company as it stands today.

According to the company website, the Riedel ‘O’ line is designed for everyday use, as well as special occasions. The tumblers look beautiful when presented on a tray, and have changed the way most of us consider form and function when selecting a wine glass. Some users prefer to serve juice, light cocktails, or other drinks in the glasses on a daily basis. Others only bring out the Riedel ‘O’ glasses for a special event or featured as a presentation at their party.

To refine the Riedel stemless wine glasses even further, the glass designers took into account weight, height, exact diameter, and overall feel. Class, elegance, and sophistication combine to deliver your wine experience in an entirely new way. Thousands of restaurants across the country have latched onto the appeal of Riedel. Over 157 restaurants in New York are listed in on Riedel’s restaurant database, which offers a comprehensive listing of restaurants that choose to serve their wine in Riedel glasses. You can locate your nearest restaurant by visiting and entering your country, state, and city for the list.

There are other options to enjoy Riedel glassware; the company offers a large selection of hand-crafted and exclusive designs for Aperitif, Blush, Kir, Malt Whiskey, and Martini Cocktail glasses amongst others. The key differences are found in the makers; whether it is the classic Italian ‘Sommelier’ series, the beginner ‘Ouverture’ series, the ‘Vinum Extreme’ that is machine-made, or the traditional ‘Vinum’ series that offers global appeal, Riedel offers an extensive selection of styles and brands offerings for any budget, taste, and distribution. As a leading wine glass manufacturer in the industry, Riedel offers an outstanding showcase of products.

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