College Student’s Quest for the Best Coffee Shop in Tulsa

Although I spent only a semester in Tulsa, I soon found out where my favorite hangouts where. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an obsession with coffee, so naturally, I love coffee shops. Everything about them is wonderful: the smell, the atmosphere, the decor, the people….

When I first visited the college I attended, a few new-found friends and I went out for coffee at Nordaggio’s Coffee, which instantly became my favorite coffee shop. With many choices in both beverages and baked items, it’s not very difficult to rack up a bill, but you will always leave totally fulfilled and happy. When you check out Nordaggio’s, make sure you try the Mexican Cocoa- true, it’s not coffee, but it is the best hot chocolate I have ever had! My favorite aspect of Nordaggio’s is their occasional swing dancing night. Normally these evenings are once a month on Saturday nights, and they clear out one of the two rooms in the shop to make a dance floor. Live bands, both on swing nights and weekends, frequent Nordaggio’s and draw lots of people of all ages. The atmosphere is perfect for meeting people, but not so great for studying, so if studying is at the top of your to-do list, read on!

Another great coffee shop is Java Dave’s Coffee, which is a bit better for studying than Nordaggio’s. There are several locations around Tulsa, so each shop is less occupied. Java Dave’s is big on Torani Syrups, so you will find delicious classics like Almond Roca Mochas or Almond Joys. My favorite drink there is the Marbled White Chocolate Mocha-the flavor is amazing!

Shades of Brown Coffee and Art is another excellent coffee shop. Personally, I think it should win an award for the coolest coffee shop name- “Shades of Brown”- how appropriate for coffee! This shop is more artsy (true to the last part of it’s name) and draws more of an eclectic crowd. It features bands and art very frequently and has a great vibe plus great coffee (or else it would not be on this list!)

There are several other coffee shops around town, but these mentioned are not only the college student hot spots and my personal favorites, but the coffee shops with the most personality and flavor.

But if you are more traditional, you can always find a Starbucks basically anywhere you go!

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