Heavenly Ham Is the Omaha Steaks of the Pork World

Heavenly Ham is the Omaha Steaks of the pork world.

Probably best known for its premium smoked and spice-glazed spiral hams that adorn holiday feasting tables, this establishment also offers sandwiches and other gourmet food items to go or stay.

Upon entering the bright store on Kidder Street in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., I instantly smelled fresh bread and noticed a cooler straight ahead filled with pre-ordered hams and pies. After scanning a sandwich menu of more than just ham items (roast beef, turkey, chicken salad, tuna, veggie, ham salad) I chose the Heavenly Ham Original and made it a box lunch (even though it was my dinner), which included the sandwich, a side, a cookie and a drink.

As the friendly woman fixed my order, I scanned through the party platter and ham selection flipbook, every succulent looking page reassuring me of my choice. An equally gregarious man then rang up my order and gave me a ‘frequency card.’

Total kudos to the presentation. The box was graphically appealing and held tight with a piece of scotch tape in good old deli fashion. I examined the neatly arranged contents (just like mom used to pack my She-Ra lunchbox): a Diet Coke on the left, my carefully wrapped sandwich to the right, and in the middle, a container of potato salad, a baggie with a pickle and a cookie. There was also a straw, fork and large napkin.

I unwrapped the pretty deli paper to find an inviting, colorful concoction. The croissant was fluffy and flaky, and between it were several thick slabs of ham, a thick slice of Havarti cheese, leafy green lettuce, a red tomato and honey mustard on both sides. Visually appealing to the max, the taste coincided with everything I’ve seen so far.

To say this was a ham sandwich is an understatement, because when someone says they brought a ham sandwich for lunch, I envision soggy white bread, Miracle Whip and thinly sliced chopped ham from the discount meat counter. Instead, Heavenly Ham’s deli sandwiches are made with thick slices cut from the very spiral hams they are known for. Topped with a sweet and tangy honey mustard, a premium cheese and veggies, it could not get much better. Except it did. The croissant, which from my observations was baked on the premises, was exceptional. Mmmm.

A worshipper of the versatile potato (read: picky about my spuds), I give thumbs up to Heavenly Ham’s salad made with red potatoes and real mayonnaise. And for someone who always chose Soft Batch over Chips Ahoy, I was quite pleased to find the Heath Bar Crunch cookie I chose to be soft and gooey.

Quality food and service, this is quite a dinner deal for $6.95. I took a mental note that the boxed lunches are perfect for group lunch meetings. However, those looking for late-night snacks may not make it during Heavenly Ham’s business hours, as they close at 5:30 most days.

Grade: A

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