Buying Guide to Home Security Systems

If you have decided to install a home security system, there are innumerable options that are now on the market. From a simple door alarm to a sophisticated whole home security system, there are many different ways that you can protect your family and your house. Here’s an easy guide to make your choice simpler, more cost effective and easier to implement.

Selecting a Type of Home Security System

The type of home security system that you’ll select will most likely be dependent on your budget, your actual security needs and your surrounding environment. If you are looking for a cost effective solution, a motion-detector with an attached alarm is a very cheap alternative. If your budget is larger, you can select a home security system from an accredited security company like ADT, to provide a complete solution. These companies frequently run installation specials that help lower the overall cost of implementation.

Your security needs will have a big impact on the choice of your home security system. For example, if you live in an area where crime is infrequent and you have a good network of neighbors, a cheaper home security system with a simple alarm will normally suffice. These cheaper alarms rely on two things, fear factor in the intruder and the proximity of neighbors and police. Home security system alarms are typically loud and if a thief is not expecting it, can be very intimidating. The alarm will typically alert your neighbors that something is going on, and more technically advanced models can even call the police for you. This type of home security system is usually used by people who are going on vacation, or for minimal security needs.

If you live in an area that has a very high crime rate and a lack of neighborhood support, an expensive home security system would be the best choice. This type of home security system typically includes wiring on all available doors, windows and other entries, and may even include a silent alarm. If your home security system is installed by a national carrier, such as ADT, they will be notified that your home has been broken into and will in turn call the police. These systems also have other benefits, such as fire alerts and other event notification. If you are looking for a home security system that will truly give you peace of mind, this may be the best solution for your needs.

Benefits of Having a Home Security System

Besides the obvious benefit of preventing a home break in, a home security system can bring you other benefits. Many home insurance companies will provide you with a discount on your home insurance policy that can range from 10 to 20%. This can add up over time and may save you hundreds of dollars in premiums. Whether you are a renter or a home owner, you can ask your insurance company to provide you with information on any additional savings that you may be eligible for if you do have a home security system. However, they may require that you have a home security system with a national carrier, such as ADT, to qualify for this discount. Check with your insurance representative before purchasing your home security system to make sure that it is eligible.

When you install your home security system, it will usually come with decals that you can place on your exterior windows to alert potential thieves that your home is protected. These little decals may prevent a break-in, simply because you have alerted a potential thief that their chances of a successful break-in are minimal.

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